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Weight Loss Case Study: The Results Are Rewarding

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Here we have another interview of one of our successful members here in Custom Body Fitness. Her name is Erica Tovar. She lost over 18% body fat. Like our other members, she has very good information to share with us about weight loss. Here is her interview:

Sandro, “Welcome to another interview here at CBF. Today we are interviewing Erica Tovar. She has been with us over a year and she has seen great results. We want to know what the secret is that she has been doing to lose weight.

Erica, “welcome.”

Erica, “Thank you for having me.”

Sandro, “Why did you decide to lose weight?”

Woman smiling

I did not decided to lose weight...

Erica, “I did not decide to lose weight. My son kept pushing and letting me know that I gained weight. ‘Please start doing something. Go to the park and get outside,” he would say.”

Sandro, “So your son motivated you to lose weight?”

Erica, “Yes.”

Sandro, “Tell me the process. Your son pushed you, but you did not want to lose weight. How did you end up here?”

Erica, “I met you on a Sunday and started to workout the same week and you gave me this program, all the food I needed to cut out. I decided to try it to get my son off my shoulders. So I liked it and I just kept going.

Sandro, “Tell me about what you have changed in your diet.”

Erica, “I was eating really bad, junk food, cakes, cookies. Then when I started with you, I cut out sweets and sodas. And I started eating healthier and sustainably. I added veggies.”

Sandro, “So you were not doing a crash diet or anything like that. You just made a couple of changes in your diet.”

woman doing military press with bar

Erica, “I would not say a couple of changes. It is a lot when you change your lifestyle. It seems like nothing, but it is a lot.”

Sandro, “It is like getting rid of drugs. It is not that there are a lot of changes you have to make, but it is difficult to say no to things. Let’s talk about your exercise. What changes did you make there?”

Also helps the atmosphere of friends...

Erica, “Exercise, I hated it. I just wanted to quit so bad. At some point I just wanted to stop and leave because it is so hard. But then you kind of get used to it. Also helps the atmosphere of friends in the studio that give a feeling more like a family. They motivate you to keep going, so I stayed.

Sandro, “So the atmosphere motivated you? That is the reason why you stayed. Tell me what is the difficulty of exercise?”

Erica, “It is just hard. Lifting weights is not easy. It is not simple. But one thing I would say is don’t quit, because it is so rewarding. You see changes in your body and you say, ‘This is going good.’ It feels good. Doing it never changes. It is painful each time.”

Sandro, “Let’s talk about your way of thinking. How has exercise helped you? Have you changed that? Who you used to be before you signed up, mentally? Who are you right now?”

Woman doing chest press

Exercise helps you a lot and gives you the energy you need...

Erica, “Practice makes master. If you come home after work and get on the couch, you get used to it. The same way exercise works. You do it every week, week after week and you get used to it. So you want to live sitting on the couch or you want to live a healthier life? So every time I come, this is in my mind. Both are hard. Sitting on the couch watching TV is going to be hard. You see everyday that you are getting fat. Coming to the gym and doing the work is hard too. But then I like it because I look good and I feel good. Exercise helps you a lot and gives you the energy you need to keep going. It is hard and I don't’ want to exercise at 5 am, but I just show up, just do that. It is like practice, just keep doing it and you will see results.”

Sandro, “That was a great explanation about both things being hard. What is your only weight loss tip?”

Erica, “Be consistent. That is going to give you the change. Work hard. There is no magic here. Just do the work.’

Sadro, “Thank you for the interview, Erica. I really appreciated it. Congrats on your results. It has not been easy, but you made it this far and it becomes a lifestyle and then gets easier.”

Oman being interview

The results are rewarding...

  1. Start to eat healthy but sustainably. Don’t do a crash diet. Dieting does not work. Eat the way you know you will be eating for life.

  2. Don't quit. The results are rewarding. Once you start your program. It is easier to keep going than stop and start over. Keep going and you will reap the benefits of exercise.

  3. Choose your hard. You want to let your health go and not be active and eat junk food, that will be hard on you in the future. Or you can exercise and eat healthy now which is hard in the moment but easier in the long run.

  4. Just show up. Many times you don’t feel like exercising because it is hard. Just show up and the rest will easier.

  5. There is no magic in here. Be disciplined, do the hard work and do what it takes to get results. There is no easy way out.



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