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2 Indispensable Traits You Need to Get and Stay In Shape

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I want to start this article by telling how it feels being out of shape. But, wait a minute, I have never been out of shape. I really started to exercise since I was 19 years of age and have never stopped since then. The only times I remember being out of shape is when I take a vacation. I come back and come back weaker. Other than that, I have been strong and healthy all my life.

Nevertheless, I can tell you what some of our members tell me. They say that being out of shape is taking a few stair steps and being out of breath, being embarrassed not to be able to keep up with friends when they go biking, not having the strength to move a table or to carry luggage when traveling. I once even read a father that regretted being out of shape because he could not save his son from falling off a cliff because he could run fast enough.

Sandro giving a talk

I can tell you that my motivation to be in shape was very superficial.

Everything started when I met a bodybuilder who I thought was attractive. I wanted to be just like him to attract women. That was my motivation to lift weights and have a six pack. However, down my journey I learned the real reasons to stay in shape.

I learned that my life does not belong to me.

That my life could be taken from me any moment. I was made to serve people and I have a mission to accomplish in this world. I stop worrying so much about how big and muscular I can be and I start to focus on my health and to live a longer and higher quality of life.

Sandro Torres doing military press

Then I also learned that I was motivated to change my body because I was persistent (you can call me stubborn) and that is a quality that not many people have. Nonetheless, as you become accustomed to a routine and do the same kind of difficult task, your desire to quit is more powerful. So when I want to quit I sit and think how much being stubborn has helped me overcome difficulties in life. This is one of the traits you need to get and stay in shape.

I also think about how many of our quitting members think.

Many of them have a regressive mentality. They start progressing and as soon as they feel tired of the routine or things get complicated, they start quitting. Let’s put weight lifting as an example. They start lifting low weights such as 30 pounds and they progress in a couple of months to 60 pounds. Because they are afraid of continuing progressing, they choose to go down to 55 pounds and soon are down to 50 and they continue backwards to 30 pounds. That is the regressive mentality.

Sandro Torres giving a talk

I know that I don’t want to give up in life. I know one of the things that defines me is being persistent. I remember being called stubborn since I was a child and because of that I have achieved many of my goals. I do not want to become submissive and enter the norm. Having a regressive mentally won’t help me as well to continue moving forward. So I choose, read this clear, I choose not to back up and to continue progressing. It helps not only my physical health but my mental health.

My plan is to live until God decides to take my life.

But I am living to the fullest, serving Him and listening to my heart to accomplish my mission in this life.

A cemetery

So my mental and physical health is not a game and I don’t take it for granted. It is very serious for me.

How serious is your life? How serious is your physical and mental health? Are you going to live long enough to accomplish your mission? Are you happy with the decisions you are making? Is your level of fitness what you want? Or are you just living life like the majority without fulfillment?

I don’t know how to tell you this. It might offend you. But honestly, I don’t care if you get offended. That means that you are not mature enough to take responsibility.

Your health and level of fitness is your responsibility...

If you are in great shape, good for you. You deserve it. You are way ahead of many people. But if you are not in shape, you have no one to blame other than you. You can come up with all the excuses, but excuses won’t make you fitter or fulfilled.

Custom Body Fitness log in a back of a shirt

Nobody will come to motivate you to improve your life and your health. You have the power to make the right decision right now. Make it happen. Remember that even though you think your life belongs to you, the reality is that it does not. Your life is part of a bigger Creation and Cause, so don’t waste it doing trivial things and honor your mission.

There you have the two traits you need to get and stay in shape...



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