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Quick Weight Loss Is Like Prompt Gratification

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

It is easy to lose 5 pounds and even more in a week by dieting. What dieting many times does is dehydrate our bodies and stop storing carbohydrates that are absolutely important for energy and activities. So you are losing water and carbohydrates.This is the reason for the quick weight loss. But with a diet, usually fat loss is not the outcome. Quick weight loss does not help our body appearance and our health whatsoever.

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Focus on the pain of quick weight loss and focus the pleasure of long term weight loss...

People are usually motivated by two feelings, pain and pleasure. If we think that something will bring us pain, we try to avoid it. If we think something will bring us pleasure, we will often do it.

For example, many people don’t run because of the painful feeling they experience the 5 first minutes. Others don’t exercise because of discomfort or soreness. These people are running from pain. Nevertheless, many people drink because they feel less stress while they are drunk. Some people smoke marijuana because they become relaxed under the effects of it. Here people are running towards pleasure.

Nonetheless, there is more to life than simple stimulus and response. Some people think in the short term and others think in the long term. Those who think in the short term focus on present concerns and do not always contemplate the future consequences of their actions. When one projects the future consequences of one’s actions, however, one is often willing to deal with present discomfort or even deprivation for future gain and fulfillment.

For instance, people who drink don’t think about the problems that are coming in the future such as health, family, professional, financial, and social problems, just like people who smoke marijuana don’t think for future problem created by the substance.


People who run and exercise know that the first 5 minutes will be painful. They will experience soreness and discomfort but they don’t pay attention to that. They are focused on the long term results, such as a nice body, mental health, feelings of accomplishment, increased self-esteem and other benefits.

Bad habits bring prompt gratification and usually long-term pain. Good habits can be difficult to practice in the beginning but bring long-term happiness...

I read that only people who have a burning desire for something are willing to sacrifice their bad habits to get what they want from life. Therefore, people who only try to quit cigarettes, stay sober, be financially free, or lose weight will never succeed. These people need to stop trying and find within themselves a burning desire and acknowledge life’s long term consequences and choose to give up easy prompt gratification.

The problem with people not wanting to delay instant pleasure is why only 1 person out of 400 will successfully lose weight permanently. Hard work pays off, but many are not willing to do it. It is important to know our “why” behind why we are practicing behaviors such as

eating healthy or exercising. Keeping in mind the end results will help you to stop running from the pain that helps us reach or goals and it will help us to start running away from pleasures that hurt us.

You are reading this article because you want real results...

set of healthy behaviors

I know you are different. You have the desire, dedication, discipline, and passion to improve your life. All you need is a little push and a reminder of your potential and what pains and pleasures will help you reach your goal.

What is your motivation? What can you do differently today that will help you in the future to achieve your goals? If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, this time use long-term thinking. Maybe what you are doing is right, but you are not doing it long enough. Maybe you need to start running towards pain that brings pleasure such as the 5 first minutes of running.

Weight loss and staying fit are about life-long changes. You’re worth it...

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