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What Exercise Can Do For You

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Alonso has been committed since he signed in with us. I remember when I interviewed him. He touched my heart. He told me that signing at Custom Body Fitness was one of his best decisions he has made. He told me his story about how his son's lives changed.

Family playing outdoors

Aloson had no time and energy for his family...

His sons are so happy he signed in as well. Now that Alonso exercises, he has time and energy to play with them. Before signing in with us, he did not have time to play with his sons because he was tired. Alonso has noticed the big positive contribution exercise has made in his family.

Not only did Alonso’s energy have increased and he performs better at work and has time to play with his kids, but he also has lost close to 20 pounds. Last time I assessed him, he lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks.

He can make his days last longer by exercising in the morning...

Alonso is an early bird and you can see him exercising at 6 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He makes our sessions very fun and he focuses on becoming better every day.

When he started, he was very weak and out of shape. Now he is squatting 150 pounds 40 times! Alonso continues losing weight and getting stronger because he is committed to his goals.

Strong man squatting

Start somewhere and small...

I bet you can do the same and in no time you can lose 20 pounds, like I Alonso has, and be in your best shape. All you have to do is take the first step. This could be starting walking, eating your breakfast, getting rid of soda, stop eating fast foods, or simply as eating your apple every day.

Remember that exercise and eating healthy will only contribute positively in your life and the side of effects of these two behaviors are countless: increase energy, weight loss, self confidence and more.

You can also come and try us at CBF and take advantage of our promotion here: if you need any help. We have been helping many people in the Roaring Fork Valley transform their bodies.

Is never too late to start a new life and get rid of the old you that is stopping to live to the fullest.



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