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Weight Loss Case Study: Edwin Sanchez- Be Brave

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Here is another short interview for you to start losing weight. Edwin Sanchez has transformed his body in a few months. He shared with us just basic information, so you can start losing weight, nothing complicated that you can’t do. Let get into it:

Welcome to another interview. Today we have Edwin Sanchez. He has been with us for 8 months. He has seen great results. You can see it in the before and after. He is going to be talking about the points that he has been following to get results.

Sandro, "welcome."

Edwin, "Thank you"

Sandro, "I am impressed with the change you have made. What do you think about your results?"


"It has been a great experience now that I see the changes...

I am very happy with all of it. The cloth is tighter in the upper body and loose on the waist. I am gaining a lot of muscle."

man portrait

Sandro, "What motivated you to start?"

Edwin, "It was one thing that really motivated me and gave me the courage to do it because I know it’s hard. I saw a picture when I was in the aquarium back in Denver. I saw that and I noticed my belly was growing. I said, ‘I need to change this. I have a lot of weight right now and I don’t like the way I look.’ When I came in I thought it would take me a year, but it didn’t. Around three to four months I saw the changes."

Sandro, "So it was a picture where you saw yourself and you said this is not me. So let’s talk about the changes you have made. Tell me about your eating. What have you learned? And what are you practicing? How did you used to eat before and how are you eating now?"


"One of the most important things that I did was just stop eating food outside the house...

I used to do it a lot. Now I am cooking at home and sometimes I eat at my aunt's house."

Sandro, "She cooks for you?"

Edwin, "Yes. She is a really good cook."

Sandro, "Have you exercised before? Did you start exercising with us? What else are you doing when it is about exercise?"


"I have not exercised for around three years...

just when I finished high school because I was in the soccer team. And then I did not have time for it. Now I just started to do it again and I have learned a lot. I did not know how to start because I never attended a gym."

Man exercising

Edwin, "Yes."

Edwin, "That is probably why."

Sandro, "When you are exercising, what are you telling yourself when it gets difficult?"

Edwin, "It is fun for me. I like it. It is not like I tell myself, ‘I can lift this, I am just going to do it, just try it."

Sandro, "If you can give our audience one tip, what do you think is the best weight loss tip?"


"Be brave. I know it is scary going into a gym and doing things you have never done before...

It is hard the first week or couple of weeks. It hurts, but in the end it is worth it. Just be brave and have the courage to do it."

Sandro, "Thank you, Edwin. Great results. I am happy to have you here."

So here is what I got from the interview:

  1. Be honest with yourself when you see a picture where your are gaining weight,

  2. It may take less time than you think. Edwin thought it would take a year, but only took him 4 months to see results.

  3. Stop eating out. One of the important changes Edwin made was to stop eating out.

  4. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to try something new and sign up to a gym or weight loss program. Just do it and get into it.

I hope you enjoy this short conversation as much as I did and you can apply these tips in your life.



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