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How to Avoid and Alleviate Debilitating Muscle Pain

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

As many of you already know, we all get old. We can't help it, but how quickly you age and how healthy you reach old age is up to you. Many people end up sick and overweight at a late age because of the decisions they make about their health.

There are some things that you can take into consideration to stay young, avoid diseases and not gain fat. For example, exercising, eating healthy, relaxing, laughing, having faith in God, and maintaining the body to avoid injuries and muscle pain.

Let's talk about exercise. In order for you to stay young, lean, and healthy, it is important that you practice several consistent, lifelong habits. Constant is the key. You don't exercise just once and you're already fit for life. For this you need to be in your best shape without pain and injuries.

mujer haciendo ejercicio

There are two forms of injuries that I am going to describe here. One is by the use of the body and not giving it maintenance. For example, a person who works in the orchard may spend a lot of time bending over or kneeling to pick fruits.

This use of the body can cause some muscles to adhere from overuse...

The other form of injury is from accidents. Sometimes we twist our ankle, fall, lift something with bad posture, accidentally hit ourselves, or don't sleep in a good posture. This too can cause the muscles to adhere together.

With pain it is very difficult to motivate yourself to exercise and stay healthy. Pain kills your motivation to exercise. It's hard to exercise when you're hurt.

So in order for you to be able to exercise consistently throughout your life, it's important to avoid unnecessary pain.

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There are two types of pain that I am going to talk about - muscular pain from exercise and pain that comes from adhered muscles due to a previous injury or overuse of a part of the body.

Muscle soreness from weight lifting is good. That is normal when you are challenging your body. When you start a new weight routine, lift more weight, do more repetitions or a new exercise, you usually get sore. That's good because that's how you build muscle, by hurting muscle fibers so they heal stronger. But when it is a chronic pain, it usually starts in a concentrated area of the body and intensifies as time goes by and can start to hurt in other related areas.

Usually the sore pains come from the adhered muscles. This pain is not from the exercise you did, but is usually from a previous injury or repetitive abuse of some area of the body. This type of pain is very debilitating and it is important that you pay attention to it if you intend to exercise for life.

That way your motivation doesn't get killed because of the pain.

mujer haciendo ejercicio

In order to avoid and relieve pain from adhered muscles due to injuries, there are several things that I recommend:

How to avoid and alleviate debilitating muscle pain...

massages. Deep massages help loosen up tense muscles. It is important that you take several massages a year to keep your muscles relaxed.

The roller. The roller is a tool that also serves to massage the muscles personally. But it's not just about passing the roll through your body. Just as a masseuse knows how to relax your muscles, you must also learn how to roll over your body so that it has the same result as the massage.

Stretches. Stretching is also very good for keeping the muscles relaxed. But you don't have to stretch like when you do after getting up. You need a routine with series exercises and adequate time for the stretching to be effective. Do it at least twice a week.

Chiropractor. Many chiropractors not only know about the skeletal system, but they also know about the muscular system. Aside from aligning your bones, they can also help you relax your muscles. Visit your chiropractor several times a year.

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Therapist. There are many therapists who are dedicated only to muscle relaxation to relieve pain and optimize body movement. Find a good therapist in your area if you need professional help.

Relaxation techniques. For example, hot springs and saunas can also help relax your muscles. Do this often.

So in order for you to stay fit, lose weight, and age healthy, it's important that you exercise.

Your motivation to exercise can be killed by pain from previous injuries and overuse of the body in specific places. It is important to relax tense or adhered muscles to avoid pain from wear and tear and you can have a healthy life. This is how to avoid and alleviate debilitating muscle pain.



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