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Patience, A Key for Weight Loss Success

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I am going to be straightforward with you. I am a very impatient person. This is one of the reasons why I am very proactive. I work on having things done as soon as possible and I also want to get results fast.

When I opened Custom Body Fitness I wanted to grow. Fast. When I invested money, I wanted my investment to double in a couple of months. When I got my knee injured, I wanted to be exercising that same week. When my dogs got injured and got surgery, I wanted them to walk the same week. Some of my romantic relationships fail because I rushed them.

Man exercising

I even wanted my clients to see their body transformation faster than what they were expecting…

Patience is not something that I was born with. I learned to be patient. It took me years and a lot of reading to understand that if I was not patient, I would not enjoy my life and I would not see results in whatever I decided to do.

Now I take my time to learn and grow my business and investments. I give time to my body to heal from any injury and I am patient with others.

Man explains a theme

If you plant a seed today, you won’t expect to see fruits tomorrow or next week, do you? So why do you think you can rush other things in life? Besides giving time to the seed to grow, you need to take care of it by developing habits of maintenance.

Let’s talk about weight loss and toning your body…

man explains a theme

Do you want to see fast results? How long have you been carrying such weight? For you to be some extra pounds heavier, you needed to developed some habits that put you where you are. You do not just gain 20 pounds overnight. Not only that, but you have been probably carrying those extra pounds for a couple of years. And you want to lose those extra pounds and one month?

Okay, first let's keep in mind that you are going to need time to lose those extra pounds, but what really matters is how long is going to take you to develop new habits and this depends on how long you have been practicing old habits and how strong is your desire to change.

A key for weight loss success...

before and after of physical change

So give yourself time to lose those extra pounds and to develop new habits that will allow you to not regain the weight. There is no shortcut. Many people who became millionaires because they won the lottery or are good athletes, went back to broke because they have not developed new spending habits. This is the reason why many people who do liposuction and any other weight loss surgery end up regaining the weight. They have not developed new habits to keep the weight off. Taking a shortcut is only an illusion that sooner or later will disappear.

Enjoy the process and be patient of becoming a new you to lose weight and toning your body...

If you really want to climb the ladder of success in your weight loss, you need to give yourself time to learn how to become a new person and practice the habits to become a new person. After you do that, results would be automatic. This is a key for weight loss success.



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