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How to Stop Eating Emotionally

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

​​When I evaluate my clients and I notice that they have not given me results, it is because they have not improved their way of eating. So the question I ask them to tell me where the mistake is.

Several of my clients find that they eat emotionally…

They tell me they are usually not hungry, but they eat because they are anxious. Of course they give me examples of what they eat, where they eat and how much they eat. The next question is why are they anxious and they tell me that it is because they are worried.

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Many people worry about what they have to do that day, others worry about what could happen in the future in their family, and others worry about a family member who is sick or needs some kind of help.

The truth is that we all worry about something. Our mind knows how to live in fear. So that's not something new. The problem is really how we deal with stress.

Many people eat because when they are eating it makes their mind busy and worries disappear by the time the person is eating. The same happens with a person who drinks. Most people have an alcoholic drink at the end of the day because they want their brain to stop thinking. The same goes for people who shop, play video games, watch TV, and keep busy to "de-stress."

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None of these habits to forget stress are positive. Just study each habit and you will realize that it destroys some part of your life. For example, eating causes you to gain weight and affects your health.

There are many things that one can do to forget about problems in a positive way. For example, going for a walk, reading and writing. But there is nothing more effective than facing your anxiety.

So here I am going to give you the tips that I give to my clients, so you know how to stop eating emotionally…

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  1. Write down everything that worries you and get it out of your mind. If there are things that you have to do, make a list and your mind will forget about everything because it knows that your thoughts are already on paper.

  2. Get into action. Start working on your list as soon as possible and keep adding things to the list if they keep coming up.

  3. Don't worry about what has no solution. When something has no solution, it doesn't help to be worried about something that can't be fixed or you don't have control over it.

  4. If you are afraid of the future, then study the problem you are afraid of, do everything in your power to be in control, put your faith in God and let things happen as they should.

  5. If the health of a relative worries you because their life depends on their health, see how you can help only if the family member is willing to help himself. Someone who does not want to help himself cannot be helped. If the person wants to be helped, then give him advice after you educate yourself, help him financially and emotionally. Again do everything you can to help him and forget about the result. You gain nothing by worrying but you can get ill and eat more than you should.

So if your emotions make you eat, especially anxiety, instead of hiding from it, confront it and with that you can control what you put in your mouth and stop eating emotionally



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