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3 Tools to Implement In Your Weight Loss

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

After trying various diets and weight loss products, Maria finally realizes that she needs professional help.

She decides to hire a personal trainer who can help her with her weight loss program.

She learned that she needs to be patient and go through a process in her weight loss program. In order to create a car, a book, a table, grow a tree and create anything, we have to follow a process and invest time. So it also works for weight loss. There is no other way to be able to lose weight for life and transform your body other than by following a process I have invested time in.

Woman getting ready to leave the gym

Juan is an alcoholic who cannot hold down a job because of his addiction. That's why he doesn't earn enough money to support his family. So his wife has to work and support her family. The two spend their time arguing about the money and Juan's emotional outbursts. Juan is not a good father because he spends his time drunk.

His wife finally tells him that if he doesn't change they are going to get divorced. For a moment Juan feels a pain in his chest and is ready to change because he does not want to lose his family. He therefore changes for a couple of weeks. He then returns to his previous habits.

The woman divorced. Juan, feeling lonely, begins to go out to bars and hang out with his friends who like to drink. He buys alcohol so that he doesn't lack it at his house.

To too many of us life has given us some signs of pain for us to change...

beer compared to broccoli

But we only take it into account for a couple of weeks and continue with the previous bad habits. If you really want to, it is important that you feel that pain that you felt when life gave you a sign, as happened to Juan when his wife told him that she was going to divorce him. Not only that you feel and relive that pain, but that you write it down along with your goals so that you never forget it and do not return to your bad habits and continue with your weight loss.

We are so comfortable with our environment that it is difficult for us to accept that we do not belong there…

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We find it difficult to let go of friends with whom we share bad habits, those who encourage us to be lazy, watch TV, eat the wrong foods, and drink. Just as Juan not only felt understood by his alcoholic friends but also practiced the same habits.

It is difficult for us to throw away everything that does us harm and we buy more instead of cleaning up our environment and throwing away all the junk food we have at home and never buy again no matter how cheap it is or has a good offer. It is poison to our health just as alcohol is and interferes in our weight loss.You don't have to lose your family, your health, or have an accident happen for you to change, you just have to apply these three tools to follow your weight loss program.

3 Tools to implement in your weight loss...

Remember that weight loss is a process and requires time and with it patience. Write down the pain you felt when life gave you a warning and with it write down your goals to change.

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Visit your notes daily until they are engraved on your body. It is important that you visit your notes. Lastly, clean up your environment. Leave your destructive friends. If they're really your friends, they'll change with you, but don't stoop to bad habits. Do not visit places that make you relapse into bad habits or bring things to your home that do not help you in your weight loss. There you have the 3 tools to implement in your weight loss.



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