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Common Weight Loss Myths That Do You No Good

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

You have finally decided to take control of your weight and start a weight-loss program. Suppose you have a big event coming up or a specific pair of jeans that you need to fit into. In that case, you will likely want to see results as quickly as possible. For whatever reason, you need to rapidly reduce your body fat percentage. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but losing a lot of weight quickly isn't going to happen. Of course, some people can shed pounds more rapidly than others, and some even report losing weight while snoozing, but in most cases, success in the weight-loss department requires careful planning and persistence. Misconceptions abound about speedy weight loss, and some of the more popular ones are included below. And if you're just starting out on your weight-loss journey, don't let common myths deter you.

A woman measuring her waist after reading some common weight loss myths.

Crash diets are no good

Crash diets are not effective for long-term weight loss. Sometimes they can even cause long-term weight gain. Many people fall for weight loss myths like this one. Losing weight cannot be done on a short-term basis. Like everything in life, you should do diets in moderation. Undereating, like overeating, is not good for your body. And eating is not the only thing that influences your fat loss. Experts say that sleep affects your weight loss way more than you think.

The main problem is that it's hard to stick to this kind of diet. Since crash diets typically limit what you're allowed to eat, you might be missing out on some essential nutrients as a result. The lack of energy in your body will make you crave sugary and fatty foods. Because of this, it's possible that people will eat more of these foods than is healthy, leading to weight gain.

Vegetables on the counter.
One of the most common weight loss myths is that crash dieting helps you lose weight.

Not all calories are equal

The calorific value of each calorie is the same. Not all sources of calories have the same effect on your body weight. Distinct foods have very different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate your body weight because they use quite different metabolic pathways. Experts from advise researching how to improve the calories you consume. And as a database of different providers and services, they have many guides that may prove helpful for you.

You can break down calories into many categories. Furthermore, protein calories are not the same as fat or carbohydrate calories. Protein instead of carbs and fat has been shown to speed up the metabolism, reduce hunger and cravings, and make hormones that control body weight work better. Furthermore, the calories from whole foods, like fruit, are much more filling than the calories from processed meals, like candy.

Carbs are bad for you

Carbohydrates are as crucial to a balanced diet as fat. Experts say that when eaten in moderation, carbohydrates provide the body with its primary energy source while also helping keep the digestive system in check. So you should learn how to grocery shop for a healthy diet.

Know the difference between basic and complex carbs. According to experts, eating an excessive amount of simple carbohydrates, like those found in processed foods, can cause an increase in blood sugar and lead to weight gain. Complex carbs are found in whole-grain bread, beans and legumes, oats, and many vegetables. They may help you control your blood sugar. Also, know that it's not that all carbs are horrible; you just need to tune into what's a good number for you and the quality of those carbs.

A picture of a burger and fries on a plate.
Eating carbs is ok; just be sure you eat food with a lot of carbs in moderation.

Only exercise can help

You'll be wasting your time and putting unnecessary strain on yourself if you think spending hours on the treadmill or attending consecutive spin classes would help you shed pounds quickly. But research shows that good nutrition is the most important thing for successful weight loss. Exercise is a close second. Due to the relatively tiny contribution of exercise to total energy expenditure. Creating a significant calorie deficit through exercise is challenging. Keep hitting the gym, but don't overdo it; working out has many health benefits beyond just weight loss.

Frequent small meals will help you lose weight

The idea behind eating several small meals throughout the day is that this will help you control your hunger and keep your metabolism revved up. Additionally, it should make it simpler to maintain your weight loss efforts. This, however, is not supported by the available scientific data and is one of the most common weight loss myths.

By way of illustration, one study from 2007 compared the calorie intake of people who ate three meals with no snacks to those who ate three meals and three snacks. Near the end of the study period, researchers found no significant difference in weight loss between the two groups.

A woman planking on a beach.
Exercise is very good for weight loss, but not the only thing you should be doing.

Experts say that figuring out what method works best for your lifestyle and keeps you under your daily calorie budget is the key to figuring out how much and how often to eat. An excellent place to start is to figure out if eating breakfast before or after a workout is best for you.

Gluten-free is the way to go

People who do not have celiac disease are buying gluten-free products because they see them as a "healthier alternative" according to a poll conducted in 2016. Experts say that many gluten-free processed foods have more calories than their gluten-containing counterparts due to their increased fat and sugar content.

A 2017 study found that gluten-free diets had greater levels of saturated fat, sugar, and salt and lower levels of protein and fiber. Compared to their gluten-containing counterparts, gluten-free bread and flour products often have more fat and sugar.

Common weight loss myths...

Similar weight loss myths have misinformed many people who have tried to reduce weight. Therefore, some of them may have convinced you at some point. However, as you can see, the vast majority of these beliefs are false. Instead, there is a complex interplay between what we eat, how our bodies respond to it, and our weight. Find out what changes to your food and way of life are bearing fruit and helping you lose weight.


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