How Envy Can Accelerate or Stop Your Weight Loss Goals

Today we are going to be talking about Envy. Let’s find one of the ways that envy affects people’s weight loss. So, first let's define envy. According to the web, envy means the desire to have what other people have. We can say that the feeling of envy is not bad, but it depends on how you turn it around. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting what others have, except if it is her spouse. Wanting what other have achieve is a good motivation to become a better person.

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Fight your inner you to become positive

Envy can help you progress or can get you stuck. If you start feeling negative feelings, if you start feeling less than the other person, if you start judging the other people, if you start talking about the other people in a negative way, that means that you have turned envy in a negative way and that will not help you progress. Your actions would be to pull the person that you envy down and not let her progress, so you can be in a comfortable zone and do nothing to improve. By pulling the other person down, you will feel relief that such a person is not getting ahead of you.

However, if you turn around envy and think differently about the feelings, motivation will spark you to do better. Instead of feeling less, you will feel motivated by the person who is in shape, for example, that you would want to achieve the same goals or more. You would want to lose weight and tone your body. What you have done here is turn that negative feeling of envy into positive.