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How Envy Can Accelerate or Stop Your Weight Loss Goals

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Today we are going to be talking about Envy. Let’s find one of the ways that envy affects people’s weight loss. So, first let's define envy. According to the web, envy means the desire to have what other people have. We can say that the feeling of envy is not bad, but it depends on how you turn it around. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting what others have, except if it is her spouse. Wanting what other have achieve is a good motivation to become a better person.

Man Working out abs
Fight your inner you to become positive

Envy can help you progress or can get you stuck...

If you start feeling negative feelings, if you start feeling less than the other person, if you start judging the other people, if you start talking about the other people in a negative way, that means that you have turned envy in a negative way and that will not help you progress. Your actions would be to pull the person that you envy down and not let her progress, so you can be in a comfortable zone and do nothing to improve. By pulling the other person down, you will feel relief that such a person is not getting ahead of you.

If you turn around envy and think differently about the feelings...

Motivation will spark you to do better. Instead of feeling less, you will feel motivated by the person who is in shape, for example, that you would want to achieve the same goals or more. You would want to lose weight and tone your body. What you have done here is turn that negative feeling of envy into positive.

If you think about envy in a negative way, what you would like to do is pull the other person down. You won’t help the person who you envy to progress. As a matter of fact, you would not want such a person to progress. It is easier to pull the person down than getting out of your comfort zone.

Man giving a talk
Envy can help you get out of your comfort zone

Things that you may do is talk behind her back. You may start making negative comments to her about her appearance such as, “You have manly arms,” “you are not losing weight,” you are wasting your money, “you are going to injure yourself.”

By being negative, you are not only trying to stop the other person who you envy to progress, but at the same time, you are stopping yourself from becoming better and achieving your goals. The reason why you are pulling other people down is because you don’t want to put in the effort to improve yourself. For example, going to the gym early in the morning, preparing your foods, investing in your food.

Your ego will feel better if the other person stops doing what is giving her results...

But you are not going to progress and that means that you are still the same or worse. You may stop a person close to you from achieving her goals, but there are millions of people out there who continue doing better than you are doing. So no, you have not become a better person only because your negative comments stopped your friend from progressing.

On the other hand, if your envy becomes positive, you are going to be curious about what the person who you envy is doing to get weight loss and body toning results. You may even approach the person and ask for advice. Now because your curiosity and motivation got you going, you are going to start doing whatever you learn to start losing weight and toning your body. Instead of pulling the person, you are going to have a role model to help you work on yourself. Now you are allowing the person to help you become a better person. And take this as a fact, such a person would do anything she can to help you achieve your goals. People who are achievers are more than eager to help anyone to achieve their goals.

Group of people exercising
This is about you become better than you
It is okay to feel envy...

There is nothing wrong with it. Remember, feelings are not thoughts. They are just feelings. What matters is what you think of them. The questions is how are you going to turn around the feeling of envy to better help your needs.

If you already have defeated the feeling of envy and now you are dealing with some people who are not good at turning around envy, here are some tips that may help you not to lose track in your weight loss and body toning goals.

Let’s first know that you are going to find good people just like you who want to progress. If the person is asking you for advice and wants to achieve the same goals or better goals than you, help her. Give her your tips and everything you know, so she can progress. If She is achieving more than you, that is a wake up call for you, so you can even improve. This is not about competition. This is about knowing that you can always do better and not staying in a comfort zone. The comfort zone is your enemy.

man overcoming obstacle course
If you like yourself, does not matter what other have to say about you.

If the person who is approaching you is negative, even though it is a loved one, please ignore her comments and walk away. Another option you have if you really want to discuss with a person, is to have an educated conversation. For example, if the person is telling you that you are going to regain the weight when you stop your program you can reply that you are doing it for life. If she insists and says that you have dropped it before, you say that this time is different. If she mentioned that you have manly arms, you answered that you love your manly arms (even though you know that you don’t have manly arms). The key of talking to a person like this, if it is important to you, is to show the person that we don’t care about what she has to say and what she is saying does not bother us. Your goal is not to make them feel bad, but for them to understand that they will not pull you down to their level.

Your weight loss goals...

Sandro Squatting 315 pounds
Your feelings does not dictate your behaviors. Your toughts do.

However, just keep in the back of your mind that no matter what people have to say about you, it is never true, especially from negative people. You are the only one who knows how difficult it has been to achieve your goals. You know how much you are worth and the obstacles you have overcome. They don’t know anything about your sacrifice.

Envy is just a feeling...

Instead of thinking in a negative way, think positive and make the feeling work for you. Don’t let people who have envy in a negative way stop you from achieving your goals and stay away from those people.



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