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Get In Shape: Fly Like An Eagle

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

You need to to fly like an eagle and leave the crows behind if you want to get in shape. Did you know that a crow is the enemy of the eagle?


I was surprised to know that a crow is the enemy of the eagle. Crows get together to take the eagle down. The only way the eagle is able to defeat the crows is by flying as high as possible. Where the crow can’t fly. The eagle has the ability to fly higher than any bird, including any among the crow. I want you to imagine yourself as an eagle as you reading this article.

Understand that you need for acceptance is normal...

We are social beings. One of humans’ basic needs is acceptance. Therefore, we are happier when we are accepted by others. We want to be important to others, understood, liked and heard. It is part of us. Even people who are isolated are looking for people who understand them.

As I mentioned, we are happy when we are accepted, but we don’t like it when we are rejected. Acceptance gives us a sense of pleasure and security. We feel very special when a stranger, organization, family or clan accepts us. On the other hand, rejection gives us a sense of pain. People don’t like to be rejected.

Many people do things they don’t like to do or they know aren’t right because they want to be accepted. This is when our personality gets lost in society. We do our best for everyone to accept us. We do things we don’t enjoy and get trapped by these behaviors. We prefer to avoid pain than pursue pleasure. Since rejection gives us a sense of pain, we avoid rejection at all cost.

I am straight forward and tell you the things you don't want to hear to help you get in shape...

You may have noticed I have a very unique ability to help people. I’m straightforward about the behaviors they need to change to improve their lives, get in shape and achieve permanent weight loss. People who are open-minded do take my suggestions into consideration. They like me, and these are the people by whom I want to be liked.


On the other hand, other people don’t like my approach and criticize my writing. This is one type of rejection that I get. Some people simply don’t like my personality because I’m too “positive.” Also in the past I had many friends who I used to hang out with, and now they also reject me.

They don’t approve of the steps I decided to take to achieve freedom. Yet I don’t blame them.

I think I’m nuts...

I am OCD and very persistent. I love commitment. I take risky and unique chances that many won’t take. Sometimes when I get rejected, it makes me wonder how I can fit in everyone’s life. I get some pain being rejected by others. But that is not possible. People either love me or dislike me.

I would need to adopt behaviors that don’t support my values to be accepted by many, and then conflict would enter my life, pushing away all the people who are helping me succeed. The reality is that most people will never help me succeed. They only take energy away from me. I only want to be accepted by those who contribute positively in my life, including those that help me be in shape.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with others’ lives. They like their lives. The only issue is that we don’t share specific values and behaviors anymore. Rhino packs are made up of rhinos and lion packs of lions. We share different values and behaviors. Many rejected even Mother Teresa and Gandhi when they were helping people to win their freedom and be pain free.

Find the group of people who can help you get in shape...

Nevertheless, I have followers who like to be heard, hugged, motivated and pushed. These people love me, as I love them. We feed each other positive energy and encourage each other to get to our goals and get in shape. When we relapse, we support each other. We teach each other good habits. We empathize and find the best in each other. This is my herd, and I depend on them, just like I depend on myself.

Let me get to the point: There is a price we all have to pay to be able to achieve our dreams. There is always pain before our pleasure. Rejection is part of the price. We can’t make everyone happy. We can only understand who we are and give our best to everyone. We will be accepted by the people who have the same values and goals.

members of CBF

I bet you are reading this article because you want to get in shape and lose weight. Your journey will be easy and more fulfilling if, you decide to choose the right people by whom you want to be accepted.

I know you may be thinking that you don’t want to be rejected by certain friends. But, if they practice behaviors that will ultimately sabotage your effort to get in shape, you have to make the decision that’s best for you.

You can’t serve two masters.

It is important to be clear in your values and stay grounded even though many people are against your values. This does not mean that you need to ignore people. This means that you are very careful in choosing the people with whom you spend time, and you respect their decisions even though they don’t respect yours.

Rejection will always be there, but the pain of it will affect you only if you let it. The question is, what is more important, your true happiness, goals and achievements and get in shape or trying to be liked by everyone?

Accepting the price of rejection to help yourself achieve your goal is a small price that you have to pay in life. In the long run, you will be happier from the pleasure you will get by being accepted by the right people who support you and by achieving your weight loss and getting in shape.

Leave the crows behind and fly as highest possible! Your life depends of it!


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