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Don’t Live Your Life Like A Beheaded Chicken

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Have you asked yourself what it is that you want from life...?

Is your answer specific and clear?

I recently went to Florida with my wife and we had to hire many Uber drivers for transportation. We talked to many of them while others were indifferent.

Group of people performing
Universal Studios, Florida, Orlando

I heard many stories. One of the drivers moved from New York. He said that his family wanted a more calm life. He mentioned that he also worked as a taxi driver in New York. He bought an expensive Cadillac because in New York those cars are the money makers. Many people request luxury cars as taxis. However, it was not the same in Florida. In Florida, the money makers were the hybrid family cars because of the Parks.

He knew what he was doing, so I learned that it is good to research what is in demand in each state in case I have to move.

Most of the Uber drives we hired, they do Uber as a second job, another thing I learned. They make extra money when they are bored, they need money or it is a busy season.

However, I also talked to a guy who moved from Venezuela...

His name is Roman. Roman told me about his family issues and how his dad is still in Venezuela. He was not sure if wanted to stay in the USA or move back to Venezuela. So I asked one simple question that got him thinking. What is it that you want from life? He could not answer the question, but it got him thinking.

As Roman and I talked, he reminded me when I was unhappy and lost. I wanted to go back to Mexico because I was not happy in the USA. I did not like the culture, I missed my friends, the parties and the way we live in Mexico. I lived unhappy with my location for around eight years.

It was not until I found myself that I noticed that it was not the place that made me miserable. It was me. Many people go back to their country and come back to the USA again because they are still unhappy in any place.

Once I found myself, I studied why I wanted to go back to Mexico...

and the truth is that I wanted to go back because I missed my past. I was stock in my past. I did not really miss Mexico. I missed my friends, partying and having no major responsibilities as I have here. I wanted to go back to continue living my liberal life.

However, once I found myself, I found my purpose and finding my purpose gave me the peace to live anywhere God puts me because my purpose is my happiness.

As Roman and I continued talking, he noticed the reason why he wanted to go back to his country. The reason was his dad. His dad does not want to travel to the USA and he is happy in Venezuela. So Roman started to think about what he can do to see his dad more often and convince him to come to the USA. Roman wants his family together. That is what he wants.

This is the real question we all should ask ourselves every morning we wake up...

What is it that we want from life? Once we answer this question, we can have a daily plan to really live life and don’t just act like a beheaded chicken all over the place without going anywhere.

For example, many people work for money without really thinking how they would use the money. They just use the money for traveling, goods, partying and others. But they don’t think about how money is really not the end of their goal. Money is only a tool to use to acquire other things that contribute to our genuine happiness.

Hamburgers in a box
No wonder why so many people are sick and overweight.

Other people just live and eat without thinking about the consequences of their behavior. I drive very often by a famous fast food restaurant and I see a long line of cars each time I drive by and I wonder how many of these people really care about their health and if they have the knowledge to make better choices. But the reality is that it is convenient and cheap. Nevertheless, I bet people’s “wants” is not to get sick and overweight, but that is what they are practicing.

Just like Roman did not know what he really wanted, to move back to his country or not, you may be in the same situation. Roman did not want to move. He wants his family together. It seems that they prefer to be in the USA than being together in Venezuela.

Don't live your life like a beheaded chicken...

If you start your day knowing what you want from life, the possibilities of you making the right decision is bigger than just waking up and going with the flow and destiny.



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