What You Need To Know To Create a Weight Loss and Body Toning Exercise Routine

I had a conversation with one of my nephew last week. He came to exercise with me last time I went back to Mexico. He did not really care about weight lifting. But after we exercise together it seems like he got motivated and he has been doing it since then, following my videos and articles.

My nephew has been very good to stay in contact and showing me that he cares. Therefore, I take my time to call him and answer any question he has, investing my time to help him improve his health and wellbeing.

Last week I talked to him and after answering many of his questions he asked me if I could think of anything else he should know. So I thought about the obvious to me but not to many people who are beginners.

I know he is following my videos and doing everything right to get in shape...

I know he knows about periodization because he told me he needed heavier weights which he was buying soon. So I thought about another key point to get results. So this is what I told him:

Make sure you know what muscle group you are exercising on each set of exercise to replace the exercise with another exercise in case you don’t have the equipment.

Knowing what muscle group you are exercising and how much weight you are lifting with the specific muscle group gives you the power to keep track of your strength progress and improve by increasing your weight lifting.

Also if you know what muscle group you are exercising you won’t repeat exercises for the same muscle group and create an imbalance and/or over work such muscle group.

You can also target a specific muscle group if needed...

When you know what muscle group you are exercising and apply what I mentioned above your weight loss results body toning and muscle growing will be optimum. Without you knowing your muscles groups and not progressing you can create body postures imbalances, exercising without real body toning and muscle growing results.

I have a playlist of exercises that shows you what muscle group of the body each exercise is working. You can check that here on this playlist. There are also many other videos and articles that teach you what movements target a specific muscle group.

Before you start any weight lifting program for weight loss, body toning and muscle growing, learn your muscle groups for better results.

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