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Body Toning Is Not Just About Exercising

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Brittany was raised in a family that focuses on working and doesn’t have strong beliefs about exercising. Nevertheless, Brittany was an active child, playing basketball and volleyball, running track and doing other activities. As she grew older, she continued doing some biking and hiking. She eats somewhat healthily and has managed to maintain a healthy body weight.

toned woman

When she hit her 30s, she started to discover that her body was not the same as it used to be when she was in her teens and early 20s...

Her body was saggy and no longer toned. She discovered some areas that she didn’t like anymore, such as the inside of her thighs, the muffin tops, the wings on her arms, and her butt not being rounded anymore. She is not the only one to notice these changes at this age. Many other women are in the same hunt for their younger body.

She has heard about weight lifting, but weight lifting is only for men...

Women can get bulky because of it. She tried it once for a couple of weeks, and it was too difficult, and she heard that she can tone her body by lifting light weight and doing numerous repetitions, so she stuck to that for a while. But she gave up after a year of not seeing results, and tried exercises other than a structured weight lifting program. She is now 50, and she has not discovered how to recover her younger body.

When astronauts are sent to the moon, one of the requirements is to exercise before, during and after the trip. Many of the astronauts upon returning to earth need to relearn how to walk. Since gravity in space and on the moon is minimal, the body does not need to make much effort to travel from place to place or for many other physical tasks.

The human being is very adaptable to the environment in different ways, including physical...

For example, Brittany failed to notice that when she was younger she was more active than in her adult life where there are many worries and responsibilities that she needs to prioritize. Even though she has been somewhat active and she has eaten somewhat healthily, she is aging, and the activity that she is doing is not enough to keep up with the biological process of aging.

Just like an astronaut loses his strength because he doesn’t need it in space, Brittany is aging because she is not challenging her body.

Jessica discovered that she can keep her body young at an earlier age...

She grew up with a brother who is into weight lifting. So Jessica started to weight lifting. In the beginning, Jessica was not interested in weight lifting at all. All she wanted was to tone her body, so in her earlier 20s, she focused on cardio. She noticed that she was losing weight, but her body was not gaining toned. She start noticing that her brother was toned from weight lifting, but she didn’t want to get bulky. So she considered lifting light weights.

She started to make her own superficial research about weight lifting...

Sandro Torres squatting

She found out that what she needed to do is to lift light weights and do high repetitions. But what she didn’t know at that time is that the body will transform only when it gets challenged, and light weight does not challenge the body. But she tried it. After 2 years of light lifting, she didn’t see any definition.

She wondered what she was doing wrong and finally asked her brother, who gave her a quick explanation that guys can get big because of their levels of testosterone. It won’t be possible for her to get bulky because of her level of testosterone. Plus, he reminded her that he is 4 times stronger than her, and for her to lift that much weight is impossible. It took him years of dedication and effort to get to that level.

Jessica trusted her brother, so she decided to try lifting heavier weights...

However, she knew that if she tried to lift too heavy a weight she would get hurt. She did not know how to start and let her brother guide her. She learned periodization, the act of increasing resistance to the muscle group as the muscles becomes stronger. Also, she learned about muscle groups and many exercises for each muscle group. Jessica is now in her late 30s, and she has a toned body and feels like a teen again.

To be healthy one needs only to eat healthily, exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, be flexible and know how to deal with stress...

Bunch of body transformation before and after

But to take one’s health and appearance to the next level and tone one’s body requires a lot more effort. Not everyone should have a toned body, and not everyone is willing to make the effort to have a toned body. For example, to make $1,000,000 a year requires more effort than making $100,000 a year; having 3 children requires more effort than having one; having a mansion requires more than having a house. Not everyone wants to do the work to make $1,000,000, have 3 children or take care of a mansion and there is nothing wrong with it. My point is if you want more, you need to do more for it.

Nevertheless, there are people who do want more than others, and these people are willing to pay the price for it. The same goes for your body. You are not going to make $1,000,000 with the same effort you made $100,000 or properly raise 3 successful children with the effort you raised one or maintain a mansion with the same resources to maintain a small house. You have to put in more effort. Therefore, I want you to think that you can’t tone your body with the same effort it takes to just lose weight or maintain your body.

For example Brittany was doing only enough to maintain her body weight but not more to tone her body...

Her lifestyle is healthy, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, she is not happy with the way her body looks, and she wants to tone her body. Her actions and desires are in conflict. Either she needs to accept her body and continue what she is doing, or she needs to pay the price to have a toned body, so her actions and desires are not in conflict anymore.

Jessica, on the other hand, knew what she wanted, and her beliefs were aligned with her actions. Even though she did not have the right information in the beginning, she researched and put in the effort until she achieved her goal.

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