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Weight Loss Case Study: Be Determined

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Welcome everybody to another Custom Body Fitness case study. Today we are with Doris Pacheco. She has seen great results with us and she's going to tell us her story and how she got those results.

Sandro, “Welcome, Doris.”

Doris, “Hi, thank you.”


Doris, “Well, I looked at all my clothes and I couldn’t wear them anymore. I looked at my body and I knew I had to do something about it. I needed to get fit, to go to the gym; I had to do something. I could not just sit there and not do anything and then someone told me about Custom Body Fitness, and

I decided to come and see what it was all about, so, be determended...

From the first day I really liked it, because it was a different kind of workout. It's not just your typical gym. When I come here, trainers tell me what to do. I follow their routine. I have someone that guides me and tells me if I'm doing it right or if I'm doing it wrong. And that is really what stood out to me from the first day. So, then I just decided to commit to it.”

Sandro, “OK, so your clothes weren’t fitting anymore, and you decided to do something.”

Doris, “Yes, I needed to feel better. I wanted to have more confidence; I have all these vacations planned and I want to feel good and look good.”

Mujer haciendo ejercicio en custom body fitness

Sandro, ” Perfect, now you mentioned coming to Custom Body Fitness, that a routine is already made for you that it’s helping you to stick to the program. So, tell me what you are eating now. Tell me about what you have changed and what motivated you to do so?”

Doris, “Well, before I would just eat anything at any time. Wherever, it didn't matter. When I came here, I decided that I was going to do this, and I was given my eating plan. At first it was hard to follow, but now, it’s easy to eat healthy and not only that, you start seeing the results, so you get motivated to keep eating healthy. Now, even when I go to the store,

I think it's just easy to know what my groceries will look like and that it won't include any chips or junk food...

I didn’t have an eating schedule; I would just eat anytime, anywhere, anything and now that I have my eating schedule, I just feel so much better. I don't feel bloated, and I know I just ate something super healthy and I feel good about what I ate. Bad decisions like eating a cheeseburger and fries at 10:30 at night, is a really bad decision, but now I make smart decisions and I know that whatever decision I make now is going to benefit me and get me the results that I want.

I realized that I only wanted to eat greasy food or unhealthy food because I was hungry. Now, I love broccoli with just lime and salt. It's just the best, but before, I never used to think about what I was eating. I would just eat,

but now with my eating schedule I realize that I don't get as hungry as I did before, so it's not as hard...

platillo de comida recomendado por Sandro Torres

Sandro, “Tell me about what you do within the program for you to continue your progress because lifting weights is not easy?”

Doris, “You are right, it's not easy. I remember when I first started; I was lifting very light weights. I went from 10 to 15 to 20 pounds. Then I said to myself, ‘I need to push myself because I know I can do this.’ I need to continue to push myself and see how far I can go with my weightlifting. So, then I decided I can lift more and what I really like is that we lift to where we are comfortable. Now I know that in a couple of weeks, I will be lifting a little more because

I'm dedicated. And I know what I want to do is to push myself to get the results I want.”

Sandro, “So you started with the light weights and as your body became stronger you were able to lift more weight. Now, can you tell us any tips that come to your mind to help others lose weight and start making changes in their lives. Also, how do you feel about the changes that you have made?”

Comida saludable vs comida chatarra

Doris Pacheco, “Well, first be determined in what you want to do; if you are determined, you are going to lose weight and get fit, just come here and Sandro will tell you what you need to do, and you just have to be very disciplined and motivate yourself every day to continue to reach your goals. Don’t make excuses, just get to the gym, just do it, so be determended.”

Sandro: There you have the weight loss tip, everybody. Thank you so much for continuing to follow us.

Hopefully these tips and this interview will help you to get on track and achieve your goals, to get fit and lose some weight.

Sandro, “Thank you, Doris!”

Doris Pacheco, ”Thank you.”

See you next time, everybody!

Remember to be determined.



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