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Let's Talk About Your Mobility and Pain

They consider me an expert, but I still have a lot to learn...

Please take a seat in the chair next to you, in front of me. Today we are going to talk about something that I am also guilty of. I have been helping many people lose weight and tone their bodies for years. I don't say it because I want to talk highly of myself, but I am very good. People love me because of that and there are some who don't like my character. I understand them. I'm not very friendly when you have excuses for everything, you don't have a word and you can't commit.

My education has been key to being able to help many people…


I have been able to help many people because I teach them how to get results, but also because I take my time studying. I like to learn a lot and continue my education. I know that the most important thing to lose weight is to change your way of thinking and then your way of eating and finally exercising.

Much of what I know, I learn from experience...

A few years ago I injured my knee and had three surgeries. I have talked a lot about it in various videos, talks, and articles so I am not going to give details. But I mentioned it because it made me realize that injuries cause imbalance in the muscles and many of them become tight.

I am very tolerant of pain and unconsciously endure a lot of it until one day I realize that I was limping without realizing it. It was where I started studying why muscles get tight. Needless to say, I discovered how important stretching is to keep muscles flexible, pain-free, and with good quality of movement.

I have failed many times...

I have always recommended to many of my clients that they find a stretching routine, but I have never given it the necessary importance and I have failed to tell them how important flexibility is. Not long ago I heard a talk with an expert in body movement. His name is Ido Portal. Not only is he passionate about body movement, but he knows how body tightness limits us from living a fulfilling life and staying young.


Don't take it lightly...

I am not going to go into details, I can only tell you that from personal experience and from the experience that I have obtained from so many people that I have trained that a stretching routine is a necessity as is eating healthy, lifting weights and controlling your thoughts to be able to lose weight and tone your body.

If you maintain optimal flexibility, you will not only be able to perform your exercises better, move more freely, but you will avoid debilitating pain at an older age.

You don't have to invest a lot of time to get started…

If you suffer from knee, back and hip pain, these movements will help you get started. Once you notice the difference and

if you are serious about your mobility...

then you can do a search and add other exercises. But for now start with these:


Full squat - The more open the legs are, the more difficult the stretch is. So start with your legs shoulder-width apart with your heels on the floor and sit until your butt is all the way down, almost touching your heels. You have to stay in that position for several minutes. But if you can't at first just start with 30 seconds. The body has to be relaxed, if it is not, it means that you are tight and at some point if you continue you will be able to go down to where your body should be down and relaxed.

Hang on something - Just find a bar or branch, or something you can hang on to,make sure it is safe to hang on to, and hang, letting your body relax. You also have to hold it for a few minutes. If you can't, start with 30 seconds until you can hang for several minutes.

Put your feet together and reach for your toes without bending your knees. You are going to follow the same steps as the other exercises.


Sit on your heels - Kneel, and then sit on your heels and let your upper body relax back until you can lie down. Follow the same steps as the previous exercises.

Pick an exercise and do it several times a day, when you can, to you in your daily routine, but do it several times to get results.

If you don't invest in your flexibility, at some point in your life you are limiting your movements and suffering from debilitating pain. It is up to you how important your body is. Remember that you live in that body and you are the one who has to maintain it.1

Forgive me if I didn't tell you before, but sometimes I make the mistake of thinking that many of you already know. I will be more careful and more active in improving.



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