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Invest In What Is Giving You More Back

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

I was talking to a client not long ago about investing back. Chris works in construction and he noticed that many construction workers don’t put money back into their business.

For example, He mentioned a guy who uses his truck for deliveries and the truck is a piece of junk that does not work correctly. It breaks down pretty often. Some other workers do not like to buy tools for their side jobs and they often borrow tools from others.

Old car in open field

It reminded me of a couple of people who I know. One friend also uses his truck for deliveries. But the money he makes from those deliveries he spends it on drinking and other things and the truck never gets a maintenance check out. When the truck breaks down, he asks for money from friends to fix the truck.

Self employees who don’t invest money back into what is giving them a job, soon will end without a job...

It is very simple, right? Everything we use needs maintenance, especially those things that we use for work. Many people do get this idea. There are some few of them who only think about how they profit without putting money back into their tools.

Many people understand that cars need oil change, brakes, and other things. People understand that a house needs a new roof and windows a few years down the road. We understand that the printer needs ink when it is done. The yard needs to be mowed and the house needs to be clean.

I also understand people who do not maintain their tools, house, cars and yards. Many of them are lazy and have a scarcity mentality. They want to work the least they can, and they want to take instead of giving.

Remember that the more you invest back into your tools, the more money they will give you in the long run...

Older woman in lake

By the end, all of the things I am talking about are only material things. It all depends on what it is that you want to get from life. You can always buy a new car, a new house and new whatever and get rid of the old one if you have enough money, of course.

However, the reason why I am talking about maintenance is because many people fail to maintain their bodies and the problem with our bodies is that once we start losing our health or getting physically old, we can’t just buy a new one.

For example, I had a conversation with a person who is diabetic. He asked me why I eat bananas and if the bananas have a special nutrient. I told him that while bananas do have good nutrients, I only eat them because I like them not because they are special. He said that he can’t eat bananas because of his diabetes, to which I replied that fruit should not be the issue. The real issue is the processed foods, refined sugars and sodas which he eats in abundance.

This person does not exercise as well...

Diabetes is nothing else than high sugar in the body and low levels of insulin. If a person with diabetes stops eating junk food and exercising, it will completely control his diabetes. I know that because I had many diabetics as members who don't take any medication and their diabetes is under control.

I still see this guy once in a while and he still eats junk food and doesn't exercise.

The body fails and gets old faster if we don’t maintains it. Diseases are created because of our lifestyle, we stop having the strength to be dependent, we break bones faster, we lose our coordination, we lose our agility and we lose our health when we don't take care of our bodies

Many people don’t want to get old and want to die young because they see how old people are suffering. These old people never maintain their bodies. However, when we see people who are in their 80s and 90s and they are in shape, we are looking forward to those years.

Think about the maintenance your tools, car and house. It needs time, money and effort. What makes you think that your body does not need the same? Invest in what is giving more.

Exercise, eat healthy, sleep well and relax when needed. You only have one body, maintains it...



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