Invest In What Is Giving You More Back

Updated: Jun 4

I was talking to a client not long ago about investing back. Chris works in construction and he noticed that many construction workers don’t put money back into their business.

For example, He mentioned a guy who uses his truck for deliveries and the truck is a piece of junk that does not work correctly. It breaks down pretty often. Some other workers do not like to buy tools for their side jobs and they often borrow tools from others.

It reminded me of a couple of people who I know. One friend also uses his truck for deliveries. But the money he makes from those deliveries he spends it on drinking and other things and the truck never gets a maintenance check out. When the truck breaks down, he asks for money from friends to fix the truck.

Self employees who don’t invest money back into what is giving them a job, soon will end without a job...