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How You Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

I member when I used to worry about things. I was miserable thinking about what could go wrong and how I messed up my past. Many times I would be paralyzed in making decisions because I was afraid I would mess up and what people would think of me.

I got tired of living my life worrying about life…

I learned that more than 80% of people are sick because they worry. Do you know that worry is really stress? As you probably know, stress is linked to many diseases. So people are physically sick of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression, dementia, schizophrenia, heart diseases, and even overweight.

Plus, what I think is very important is that worrying takes your peace away…

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A month ago, my wife and I had our first baby, Arlet. Many people warned us about the lack of sleep we are going to have after she delivered. I am completely honest with you, Jisela, my wife, is the one who is doing the hardest work of both of us. Besides delivering the baby naturally, she is breastfeeding Arlet. So she is getting up to feed her every night.

I have developed more respect for my wife now more than ever. She is very strong minded. However, there is one thing that I am doing to help her. She would like to worry about everything and anything.

I remember when she was pregnant and the nurses would recommend extra ultrasounds to make sure that the baby was fine, because the baby was small according to them. Jisela started to worry about the baby not being healthy. So I told her my thoughts:

“You are exercising. You are eating healthy. You don’t take medication, do drugs or drink. You don’t work in a toxic environment. Therefore, the chances for our baby to be unhealthy is close to 0%. Now, let’s say that our baby is not healthy, what are you going to do? There is nothing we can do against God's will. Since we are not assassins and we love our baby, abortion is not a choice. So it does not matter how the baby is born, we are going to love her and take care of her as God decided to send her to us. More ultrasounds than the two we already did are useless. Let life be and stop worrying about what you don’t have control over.”

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After Arlet was born, my wife started to worry about milk production. So I supported her and told her that everything will be fine and that she will produce enough milk for our baby to be healthy.

It is human nature to worry about everything because it is a survival mechanism. Therefore, you need to be active about taking care of your worries and learn to trust.

Here I am going to share with you some of the tools I used not to worry and live life.

Fix your past and forget about the rest…

Your past is your past. You made mistakes and you are going to continue making mistakes. However, it is not good to just torture yourself because some mistakes cannot be fixed. For example, Pelon is a very special dog for me. I love my dogs like family. One day he had an accident where he herniated one of his vertebrae discs. He lost complete sensation from his middle back and down. Taking a fear and emotional decision, I took him to get back surgery. This decision was one of the worst I ever made. Pelon would have recovered from his injury 100% without surgery (something that did not happen with the surgery) after I did my research and found out that all dogs do recover from this issue with time. The decision is made and there is nothing I can do to go back and make different decisions. I forgive myself and move on.

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However, there are decisions that you can fix. For example, let's say your friend lent you some money and you never paid him back because you thought he had enough money and you did not have enough. You do feel guilty about it but you rationalized that because he has more it won’t affect him. Nevertheless, 10 years later you came to the conclusion that you were wrong and needed to pay him, but now it is too late and you feel ashamed and you feel that it is better if you just forget. You can still fix your mistake. You call your friend, you pay the money and give him some interest and say sorry for not contacting him and let the friendship deteriorate because of your mistake.

If you fix your past mistakes and forgive yourself for those mistakes you made that can’t be fixed, you will stop worrying about the past. Ah, and more more thing, learn how to forgive those who hurt you. If you do that you will understand that the past does not exist anymore and you don’t stress about it.

Get ready for your future and stop worrying about what can happen…

You can only live in the present. You can’t live in the future. If you only live thinking about what can go wrong, you are not living the present and you are stressing. If you want to avoid things going wrong in your life, then do the right thing. Let’s put my wife as an example. She did all she could to deliver a healthy baby. She took control of her and the baby's health by eating healthy, exercising, not doing drugs, not taking medication, not drinking, and not working on toxic places. Now after she does everything where she had control over, the rest is not under her control.

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Do the same with your health, your finances, your family, your mind, your job and so on. Prepare yourself for the future by living the present. Know that no matter what happens if you take care of your life, everything will be okay. God comes to the rescue if you trust.

Many people worry about everything: A car accident, cancer, breaking a bone, injure their back, about covid, about other diseases, about recession, shootings, about traffic, about raining, about snow, about hot weather, about everything. Is it possible to live like that, worrying about everything?

If you prepare yourself for the future and know that everything is going to be fine, you will find out that the future does not exist as well. There is nothing to worry about.

Live your present to the fullest, making the best decisions that benefit everyone…

You can only live the present and what is real is the present. Live it to the fullest and know that your decisions affect everyone. Help everyone become better. Yes, you are going to make mistakes like I mentioned before. But it is okay. You are only human and you can’t be perfect. Learn from your mistakes and improve to continue improving your present and future.

One more thing that helps me stop worrying…

Learn the facts. Stop believing the gossip and learn the facts. The news is gossip. Many people come and tell you what they heard and make that story their story and it becomes fiction. So don’t believe and research for the facts. Also, don’t confuse the facts with what you want to hear. Know the facts. Collect all the facts and make decisions according to the facts. Don’t let fear stop you from making decisions in life. If you let fear stop you, you are going to worry instead. So the cure is to act. Be decisive.

Stop worrying and enjoy life...!

Don’t try to shut your brain down and make it worse by drinking, doing drugs, getting distracted and practicing negative behaviors because it will make your problems worse.

Take this advice and take control of your thoughts, stop worrying and enjoy life.



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