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Nothing Matters If God Is Not In Your Life

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The reason why I tell you my story...

In many of my emails I have told you my story and how my life transformed.

Sometimes I feel like I talk a lot about me and I wonder if you think I like to talk about me. But the truth is that I do talk about me not because I want to impress you, but because I want to tell you that it is possible to be happy and go after your dreams.

Hot springs in Hidalgo Mexico and Sandro Torres
My life has been a lesson to improve myself

I have read stories and biographies of other people who had it worse than I do and reading their lives inspires me to do better. My goal by telling you my story and others stories is to inspire you.

The other day one of my members asked me if I was proud of what I have created and achieved and I told her no because I know anyone can do it and also there are people out there who have it rougher than me and create more than I have.

Nevertheless, I know I have learned a lot of concepts that have helped me achieve more than I really thought I could, and I want to help those who need to learn these concepts to improve their lives.

If you have read other of my articles where I talk about my life or my book where I summarized my life and teach you the concept that taught me to be happy, you already know where I started.

Doesn't matter who you become or what you have achieved...

Each time I achieve a new goal and climb higher in my life I feel there is more I can achieve. However, I am going to tell you something I learned from experience and reading other successful people’s biographies.

If you think about money, fitness, goals, traveling, career, and other objectives, it can become a vice without fulfillment, just like a drug. Honestly, it does not matter how fit you are, or how much money you are making, or how many places you have visited, you still want more and more and never fulfill your desire to stop. You feel inadequate, that you are not enough, that you need more, that you have not visited enough places and continue looking for more.

For example, many men who get naturally fit and healthy think that they are not enough and they start doing steroids to become bigger. Some women become anorexics to be small or choose to do all type of surgeries to be attritive. Now these people's world has distorted to something unhealthy and something that is not attritive anymore. For them is never enough.

The person who is making money and forgot about his ethics and is willing to do anything to make more money is now a slave of money instead of using money. Now it is an addiction. Remember that money is a good servant but a terrible master.

The person who forgot about others and is only traveling without a goal will never get enough of it. It will come the time that he realizes that traveling is not as fulfilling as he thought.

Having goals and achieving each goal just for the fact that you get dopamine from it and a reward of making more money, getting a promotion, becoming more popular or any other reward, won’t do it as well. This behavior by the end will leave you empty.

Woman exercising
Get fit but don't get lost

Don't stop progressing, but have this in mind...

I am not saying that getting fit, making money, traveling and reaching your goals is bad. What I am saying is that if you do this without a real purpose to improve your life and others life, it won’t fulfill you.

Let me put it in other words, life never makes sense if God is not in your life. God is the real reason why you are here and the only way you can be fulfilled and happy. It does not matter how fit or unfit you are, how poor or rich, how much you traveled, or what goals you have achieved. When God is in your life, any achievement is fulfilling.

Nothing matters if God is not in your life...

The difference between living without purpose and living with purpose is that you need to include God. With God in your life, your life now makes sense and everything you do it will have a purpose fulfilling your life.

If you include God in your life, life would make more sense and you will stop fearing death because you are living to the fullest everyday. Not only that, but you will see a clear path in front of you where you can't get lost in any behavior.

You don’t have to be the fittest, be a millionaire, travel all over the world or reach all your goals. When God is with you, your life will no longer empty.



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