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5 Tips to Choose The Correct Foods for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

I remember this specific client that hired me to help her lose weight...

She was above 40% body fat. She hesitated to start eating healthy. Later I found out that she hesitated because she could not believe that making some small eating habits changes would help her lose weight. She told me that. However, she started to eat healthier and she lost at least 20% body fat.

Sandro Torres portrait

I see this pattern with our members. As soon as they start eating healthy, they lose a lot of fat.

So if you do want to get the same results as our members, here I am going to show you 5 tips to choose the correct foods for weight loss.

1. Buy whole foods

Get into the habit of only buying whole foods. It is very easy. Whole foods are all fresh veggies, fresh meats, fresh fruits, grains, legumes and everything that has not been processed.

2. Read the ingredients

If you do buy something that is a package, make sure you read the ingredients (NO THE NUTRITIONAL FACTS BUT THE INGREDIENTS). If the product claims to be a cured elephant, make sure it is an elephant and not a rat. This is what I mean. If a canned says on the ingredients fried beans. It should be fried beans> it should say something like, “beans, olive oil, salt, pepper.” If it says something different such as, “high fructose corn syrup, glucose, coloring 5, artificial flavor, then the product is not real and you are eating chemicals that are affecting your health and making fat.

Woman rowing

3. Choose wisely when eating out

That means that you need to do your best to apply the whole foods tip. Don’t eat in fast food restaurants, don’t ask for processed foods such as mac and cheese.

4. Snack only on whole foods

I know it sounds repetitive. However, many people are not aware of their snack and they snack on processed foods such as chips, candies and cookies.

5. Only drink water at any time

Water is what your body needs to survive, not soda or alcohol or canned juices.

I know it sounds very simple and when you start paying attention to all the junk you need in your food, when you snack and when you go out, you notice that you are eating more junk than you think.

Sandro Torres showing his six pack

Everything you eat adds up by the end of the day...

And the less processed food you eat, the less empty calories you will eat. As well, the more whole foods you are eating the more nutrients you eat.

When you follow these tips to choose the correct foods...

You will experience not only weight loss but a big change in your health and energy levels.



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