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Making Your Weight Lifting Routine Easier: I Am Proud of You

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

When I see our members at CBF exercising I can’t help but think of their struggle when they are getting ready to exercise. Make no mistake, even when you see a fit person and someone who has been lifting weights her whole life and training like a machine, that does not mean that the exercise is not difficult.

I have been exercising for more than 20 years…

None of my exercise routines have been easy. They all are difficult. If you want your body to change, you need to challenge your body every time you exercise. However, once the body is warm and you get in the zone, time just flies away. The most difficult part of your exercise, I believe, is before you start and right on the warm up.

Man explain a theme

There are good days and there are better days. There are days when I feel energetic and without pain and life is just great which makes my internal fights before going to exercise a lot easier. I know when I exercise it will be painful, but I will handle it. However, there are days when simply my body does not want to do it. I can find any excuse and many times my body even shakes because I am scared.

Making Your Weight Lifting Routine Easier...

The excuses that we all have are. I can skip the gym today and go tomorrow; I am tired; I did not sleep enough; I have to work later; I feel sick; I don’t have the energy; my knee hurts; my back feels out; I don’t feel good emotionally; my life sucks; I worked out last week; I can catch up next week; I don’t want to do it; it’s to cold; it’s too hot and the list goes on and on.

Sandro Torres Explain a theme of fitness

But once I am at the studio, I start my exercise. As soon as I warm up and get in the zone, exercise is over. You just need to get in the zone to make the exercise easier. If you focus on the pain, how difficult it is and how much time you have left, it's like watching water boiling with pain in your body.

This is the reason why I do understand our members and I am so proud of them for showing up and giving their best in their sessions.

Some of the reasons why many of us do weight lifting are because of the feeling of accomplishment, body transformation, psychological benefits, and stress relief. Also there are many other things that can help you adhere to your weight lifting program like training with a group, having a set schedule, doing it in the morning, having a program set up, setting weight lifting goals and having a positive outlook of your exercise program.

I know the effort our members need to put into every time they come and exercise; I know how their bodies feel when they are warming up; I know the negative things that might crippled into their heads when exercising. I know the whole thing. I can relate.

On the other hand, I know my clients feel accomplished; they feel stronger; they feel more attractive; they feel more confident to take on any task in life; they feel healthier; they know they are getting closer to their dreamed body.

Group inm training

The truth is that I feel very proud of each member who comes and does their best when they exercise. I only think positive things about people who make weight lifting part of their routine. The reason is because they are consistent and I know their struggles. Someone in their family died; they fought with their spouse; they are too busy at work; their daughter has emotional problems; they fall and their body hurts and all you can think of can happen and our members are committed to their workout with the same intensity as always. Making your weight lifting routine easier has not being easier.

So when you are about to exercise and have internal fights, don’t give up…

Group of train in the studio fitness

You are not alone. We all are in this together and we all feel the same. What really matters is how mentally strong you are. When you are warming up, complaining doesn't help. Focus on getting your body warm, get in the zone, know that you already warming up, know that you have done the first set and going into the second, know that you are in the second set of exercises, know that you are close to finish, know that the most difficult exercise is done and when you notice it, your session is over.

Body transformation is only for the strong minded.



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