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Hard Work Is Not Enough to Deliver Weight Loss Results

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

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I think life is very simple. We get what we work for. However, many people work hard and still don’t get what they want. Why is that?

I’ll tell you why. I have a close friend who works very hard to bring food to his table, and he has always worked hard. However, he is still as poor as ever, living day to day. He is overweight, he has some health issues, and he is not very happy with his life. He wonders why.

I have given my friend advice, but it seems that he does not believe that what I tell him is applicable to his life. There are always excuses: “You’ve got it easy,” “You’re smart,” “You have a business,” “You were born an athlete” … you name it.

I have determined that we humans are lazy in two areas of our lives, physically and mentally. My friend loves to do physical work, but mentally he is lazy. This makes me think about something I read years ago in a book by Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez. He said that hard work is not everything; if it was, ants would be the owners of this world.


So my friend is a very physical hard worker, but he does not take time time to work with his brain more and develop new skills. He may think that my working hard and making money, he will achieve his goals. But there is a misunderstanding there.

What am I trying to tell you here? It’s simple. We need to use our brain to succeed in any area, including weight loss. Well, I can tell you one small secret that I apply in my life and that I teach my clients how to apply in their weight loss program. I have achieved all the goals I have set up, and my clients do the same when they apply this secret.

Last week I got hired by a wonderful guy. He requested private training. He is very smart, very successful, with business all over the country and the world. I noticed that we have something in common, something that other successful people have, and this is my secret.

Goal setting: Set up your long-term goal, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. By doing this you stop wasting time and invested in your goals which in the long term will help you with your dreams. If you don't practice goal setting, changes are that you will be wasting time and not focusing on your dream.

Brain waves

However, this is only the beginning. It is important that you program your brain to obtain these specific goals. And the only way to do so is by looking at and reading your goals every day. It is not enough to put your goals on the refrigerator. Put them on your phone, in your wallet, on your computer, on your dashboard, on the wall of your bedroom and anywhere else you can think of. Look at them, read them. Soon, you won’t have to force yourself to do things to achieve your goals; your brain automatically will do it for you, because you are programming your brain to get what you want.

See, if you work without a compass, you will go in circles, and soon you will get tired. If you have a destination, you will get there. Set up your map and read it to be on track every day. Your brain needs to be guided.

When you work hard with your brain and your body, you can get what you once thought was impossible and deliver weight loss results.


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