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Weight Loss is About What Is In Your Head

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Weight loss is about what is in your head...

When you change your beliefs, your actions change and your body change. This is what I study and do to deliver results.

I have helped many people around the valley lose weight and tone their bodies and I am not planning to stop any time soon.

doctor checking brain scan

Lately I have been playing with new ideas about how to overcome the negative side of ourselves. Interestingly enough I ran into an experience where a person had many seizures and many professionals could not find the cure. So they decided to get physically into the brain of the person and split the left and right hemispheres so the circuit of the seizure would not transfer from left to right hemispheres.

What they find out about this experiment is that everyone has two entities- the right and left hemispheres. The both hemispheres think differently and are independent. When they are connected is when we have those arguments about pain and pleasure.

I am not here to tell you the whole research, but I think is important to know that you always are going to have battles against you, when you do things that matter.

You always are going to find the difficult side of any action you take unless you consciously focus on the good side of the action that you are performing which is the goal.

Toned women

When I read any research, I always think about me and see how I am applying such discovery in myself. I concluded that I treat my body as a machine and the discomfort that my body is experiencing is nothing else than discomfort, but because I am not my body and I am stronger than my body, I put my body to the test.

Many people think that discomfort and pain are a sign to stop because they are getting injured...

I have been getting my body out of the comfort zone for 20 years and never injured myself exercising and I have seen amazing results in my health, appearance, biological age and my mental strength, not taking into consideration that I have never been overweight because of it.

So for you to be able to enjoy a workout and your new healthy lifestyle is important to overcome your body and the left side of your brain to be able to change your thoughts, then beliefs and lastly actions.

When you do that, your life and body will change...

Remember that discomfort will always stop you from achieving your goal and living life if you are not ready to embrace it.

Man walking on field

You can start with small changes such as walking 30 minutes, then start walking uphill, then hiking a mountain. The same goes with your wait training. You can star with 30 minutes of weight lifting and light weights and as your body allows it increase your time and weight lifting.

Also you can start with the small things. For example, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of parking in front of the store, park far away. Instead of using the snow blower, start shoveling the snow.

If you start with the smallest thing, changes are that you can do an exercise program.

I remind you that discomfort is part of the equations to get any good weight loss results. So get out there are do your best.



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