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We Continued With Our Goals Despite The Pandemic

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

We often forget we are not individuals who can’t live happily and prosper without the help of other individuals.

When we are on the go thinking about our goals...

our day, our bills, our family and our achievements, we forget that the reason we are living is because we have a purpose in this world.

Virus animation
The virus and the political agenda won't stop us.

This Coronavirus issue taught me a couple things and one of them is to stick to what you know is true even if the rest don’t agree with you and that is what I did.

I supposed to closed CBF by the end of March 2020, but I continued training outdoors. When we were supposed to stay at home arrested, I took a couple of days to think about the best move to keep our members safe, healthy and happy. So I picked up the phone, paused contracts, cancelled contracts, and some of our members decided that they wanted to continue training at our location. Also for those who were concerned about the virus, I created an online training for them.

I noticed that while many people were afraid, other people were set to their goals, continue living their lives and their goals despite the pandemic. I learned that I have a strong united community who needs a leader who can stand with them.

Now more than ever, we have become closer...

Our community never stopped hugging each other, shaking hands, saying hello and smiling. Custom Body Fitness stayed open for those who wanted to continue training in a safe physical environment. Plus we did video training for those who wanted to stay home.

lady exercising in front of the TV
Online training is a good choice for people who want to workout form home.

We are a tribe that we take care of each other and we see our defects as things to be improved, but more than anything we see our virtues.

In difficult times we all stayed together because we know that we all are in this together. I owe everything I am and I have to the people who support me and believe in me.

Continue with your goals despite the pandemic...

I know starting a weight loss program is not easy, especially when you don’t know who you are going to be around. I promise you that our team in Custom Body Fitness is very supportive and we don’t feed into competition and fear. We care and work in becoming better every day.

If you are looking for a group of supportive people who can help you with the motivation you need, come join us for two weeks and find out more. No risk. Check our promotion ------>



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