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Do We Need Another Weight Loss Program?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Do you remember back in school when you needed to seat with a specific group and discuss one of the assignments?

People discussing a topic

We do the same out of school in boards of directors. I’m on the board of directors of a couple of health organizations in the valley. Here people gather and bring ideas to share and problems to resolve. One of the issues that we were discussing last time was how to make people aware of their health.

Anything that has to do with health requires some level of effort or discomfort for many...

at least at the beginning. Cooking requires knowledge, time and patience. Eating healthily entails scheduling, choosing and paying extra cash for the right foods, preparing those foods, and eating the right amount. To exercise people need to get out of their comfort zone, make their heart rate increase and their muscles burn and learn to schedule their time. However, if people fail to practice any of these habits, there will likely be negative effects.

Nobody consciously wants to be weak, sick, suffering, overweight or in pain. Yet it’s difficult to make many people aware of how to prevent these problems. If people don’t want to suffer, why is it so difficult to get people to think about their health? While many organizations offer free cooking classes, free exercise programs, gardening classes, disease prevention seminars and many other government-funded community events, why is it so difficult to get the community involved? Publicity is not the problem: Look around and you will find many organizations working to help you adopt a better life. So what makes it so difficult? This is what we were discussing at our last board meeting.

Before and after body transformation

The brain focuses on what it thinks is important...

When you bought a new car, you probably saw many people driving the same model everywhere. Why didn’t you notice before? Because it was not important until you focused on the one you wanted. The reality is that people had been driving that type of car before, but you didn’t notice because it wasn’t important.

People are focused on and value many things before their health. Many people don’t understand that their health is more valuable than what they are searching for. Many people think that their health is predetermined. They may think that they have no control over it and that their health problems just happen, so they don’t put the time, effort and money they need into preventing health issues.

When people start seeing the value in their health is when they invest time, effort and money into it...

not caring about the difficulty, time required or how hard it can be to do so. But once again, what can we do to make our community members aware of their health? If you are reading this article, it means that you care about your health and you are aware of your health. If you think about yourself, something motivates you to stay healthy. It could be your appearance, your spouse, your family, the pains that you don’t have anymore because of your good habits, or simply that you noticed you’re happier when you practice good habits.

Woman eating a bowl of cereal with fruits

We don't need another weight Loss program...

In other words, we need to find what people value and what motivates them. Therefore, I remind you that you should stay focused on your motivation when you practice all those good habits. Your values or motivation are the reasons why you are willing to do what many people avoid doing.

There is something else: You are an example for others to follow, and that is more powerful than any information that we can provide to others. So stay positive and be proud of yourself, because you are unique, and you are helping us changing the community. You don't need another weight loss program. What you need is to change your habits and life to become a new healthy you.


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