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This Is The Formula I Use to Help People Lose Weight Forever

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Many people think that exercising and eating healthy is the key for weight loss.

While this can help many people lose weight...

it is difficult to sustain the results if you believe this. Real results come from understanding that you need to change your life and habits to never have to worry about regaining weight gain. This is legitimate weight loss.

Here I am going to share with you the formula I use to help many people lose weight forever…

The first thing is to understand that you have to have a real moment of change…

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This means that you need to take into consideration that pain that is making you change. You are not going to change unless the pain of nor changing is stronger than the pain of changing. Let’s be honest. Practicing new habits is difficult. Exercise, cooking, waking up early, planning and others require effort and that can bring you pain. But if your pain of being sick, tired, out of shape, not fitting into your clothes, lower back pain and others is more painful the new habits, then you are going to change.

So really take your time to think about the pain that you are experiencing and write it down and compare with the results and benefits that you are getting from your new behaviors.

Know why you are changing…

Be honest with yourself and know why you want to lose weight. Is it because you are single and want to date someone hot? Because you have developed diabetes and need to take care of your health? You are feeling old and you are embarrassed because you can’t take care of yourself? Are overweight and can’t fit into the chair anymore?

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Write down your why and go back often and remind yourself why it is important for you to lose weight.

Set goals if you are serious about it…

Goals are motivating and help you be under pressure. If you are serious about your weight loss and life change, then don’t leave your results hanging. Set real goals, yearly goals (I lost 50 pounds July 6 of whatever next year you started), monthly goals (I lost 4 pounds August 6), weekly goals (exercise 3 times a week, walk 3 times a week, and not drinking more than 2 sugar added drinks), Daily goals (prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner, attend my exercise session). Be specific, give it a time limit, be realistic and be flexible if needed.

Life happens and you are going to have crises…

Life has nothing against you, but problems come with it. You are going to have to deal with problems and with crises. Learn how to deal with problems and crises and continue with your new life. Dropping what helps you become a better person and improve your life is not going to help with your problems. As a matter of fact, you will have more problems as you already have. So keep your new plan and continue with it.

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This is a process not an event…

If you go back to goal setting, notice that I wrote down losing 4 pounds in a month, not losing 50 pounds next week. Also notice that for you to at least lose those 4 pounds you need to follow your daily and weekly goals. It is not going to happen only because time passes or by you doing nothing. You need to follow the process and give it time.

Clean your environment…

If I remember the statistics correctly, 70% of inmates who are set free go back to prison and only 1 person out of 400 who started a weight loss program is successful with her weight loss. People who go back to regain weight go back to their environment sooner or later. If you really want to be successful, clean your environment, throw all the junk food you have in the house, never buy junk food again, stop hanging out with your old friends who contribute to your overweight problem, stop visiting all places that encourage bad behaviors and replace them for good behaviors.

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This is the formula that I used myself and with our Custom Body Fitness members, real moment of change, know why you are changing, set goals if you are serious about it, life happens and you are going to have crises, this is a process not an event and clean your environment.

Use it and you never will have to worry about losing or gaining fat.



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