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Factors That Contribute to Weight Loss Other than Diet

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Have you been exercising and dieting and still not losing the weight that you set out to lose?

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This situation can be very frustrating, disappointing, and discouraging. It may also create other negative feelings that can impact your outlook on life. What else can you do?

Our bodies are a complex of different systems that are always working to stay in balance. When the body is out of balance it can show up in many ways.

Factors that contribute to weight loss...

Take our weight for example. Losing weight may be the first thing that we can see that we want to change. Often there is an underlying reason to lose weight. When people do lose weight, they often notice that they feel better about themselves. They have more energy. They have more stamina. Their libido improves. They have more excitement to live life. The list goes on.

When our bodies are in balance then we are better able to participate in life. However, There are six major types of stressors that we cope with on this planet. Those are physical/structural stress, biochemical/nutritional stress, mental/emotional stress, electro-magnetic radiation, toxins, and infections/ allergies. Our bodies are constantly going through a juggling act to maintain a balance.

What else can be out of balance that prevents us from losing weight?

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Digestion is one of the main factors that affects our weight...

Due to stress, our digestive systems may not be working properly. The body may need support with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and cleansing to get the gut to function properly. If it is not properly digesting our foods, even the best foods can be bad foods and cause weight problems.

Another area that comes into play deals with hormones...

These days, almost everyone is trying to cope with some kind of stress. The adrenal glands are the first responders to stress. They are part of the hormonal system. This system can act like a basketball team. With five players on the court, if one gets tired and cannot play as expected, the rest of the team has to make up for that player. As the game goes on, another player gets tired, then another, and another until the whole team is tired. This is similar to what happens with our hormones.

Hormones work with many functions in our bodies. These include fat, sugar, and salt balancing functions. So, when the hormones are out of balance, these areas will not be able to function properly.

Toxins also play a role in weight management...

When the body is toxic, the body will produce additional water to dilute the toxins. Detoxification is very important to weight loss.

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Emotions can play a very large role in weight loss. Many of these emotions are subconscious and can go back to a much earlier time in our lives. These emotions can sabotage our efforts to make improvements in our lives. Some of these emotions can be connected to our feelings of self-worth. When we don’t feel good about ourselves on a deeper level, it is hard to overcome the self-sabotage to do the right things to lose weight.

These are just some of the other complicating factors that contribute to weight loss. This is the reason why is so important to have your digestive system optimal, balanced hormones, get detox often and manage your emotions.



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