More Than Just A Goal

Setting up goals is very important to assure you have something to aim for. Having a time limit on them is also important so you can focus your effort and not waste time. I have learned to set goals and work for them. Usually my whole day is scheduled based on my goals, and usually all my goals are achieved on time, more or less. This saves me time, fulfills my life and gives me freedom to do what I love to do. Nevertheless....

things don’t always go according to plan. I planned and set a goal to open our second Custom Body Fitness location by January, and it’s already May, and I have not been able to open it.

The problem started with not finding the right contractor to build a restroom. That was exacerbated by city requirements, and now the problem is a misunderstanding of what the city needs. Anyway, almost 5 months have passed since we were supposed to be open. I made the mistake of running a promotion before it was open. I have lots of people signed up and ready to go, and that pressured me to find other ways to make it happen even though that might have compromised the final results. But I have never changed my goal of opening our second location. I have done all that I can to open it with no luck so far.

Now The Only Thing I Can Do Is..... wait until the circumstances change. It is true that I did not reach my goal by the time I had planned, but it is also true I did what I could. Nevertheless, that goal has not been achieved, and I will never stop until I get there.