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Do You Know What You Value The Most?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Do you know what is important to you? Have you taken the time to study the decisions you are making every day? What do you value the most in your life?

I heard Robin Sharma say in a podcast that it is important to write down our values; that left me thinking and I really needed to go over my days and find out what I value the most.

Robin Sharma in Schools of Greatness

So I did, I went over my values and wrote down my values...

I came to the conclusion that I value God, my purpose, security, freedom, my family, physical health, mental health, learning, progress and friendship.

I said that I value God because I do everything that is in my hands to become a better person every day. I know that I am not on this earth forever. I am sure when I die I am going to be judged for how I lived, for all the good things I did and the things I did not do. Therefore, I take my time to meditate and get a direct connection with God. I do my best version of me and help others. It behaves the way God wants me to behave. However, it is impossible not to sin and not to make mistakes. I continue making both, but I learned from both and try not to repeat them again.

I know I value my purpose because I work a lot to help others to improve their quality of life. I want them to succeed in their health and I want to contribute to finding themselves to make better choices for them.

Man contemplating the landscape

I value my freedom...

the freedom to take risks, to express myself, to be me, to not have to follow a dictatorship- the freedom that God gives me to choose Him over anything else. I know freedom is one of my values because I am happy to go against other people’s beliefs. I think I am willing to fight for my freedom. I know this because for the past two years I have been against the tyranny I came across with Covid 19.

I value security, but only the security that comes from my faith to God, the security that I work for. The security I deserve for my hard work and for the trust I have in God. I say that I value the security I have created, because I do not want anyone to come and save me from my mistakes. I do not want anyone to come and pay my bills. I want to give value to others from my work to make honest money. I want to be free to make mistakes and pay for them, but gain knowledge.

I value my family because that is where everything starts. If we have a united and functional family, we can improve the world. However, if we as a family start being corrupt, society also becomes corrupted. Since my purpose is to make this a better place, I do everything I can do to keep my family together. I spend time with my wife and dad to talk about our days.

I also know that I value my physical and mental health because I know if I want to give the best of myself, I need to be at my best. I exercise at least five times a week, I eat as healthy as I can and I continue improving my eating. I meditate, read and I learn how to control my thoughts. All this helps me to avoid diseases, to stay sober, to stay young, to be independent and make better decisions.


I value learning because it gives me freedom in many ways. The freedom to know how to run my life, a business, invest money, to help others, to take care of my health, to take care of my family, to get closer to God and many other things. I can tell learning is a value for me because I read every day and listen to interviews and seminars in my free time. As well, I like to take classes.

Progress is also one of my values...

because it makes me happy knowing that I am growing as a human being, that I am better than last year, that I am making an impact in people’s lives. We have been designed to progress. It makes us happy. I spend a good amount of my time thinking about what moves I have to make to progress in my life. I put different ideas into practice, set goals and follow up old goals to see how I am progressing.

Friendship I noticed is of very low value. I do have friends, but not many. The couple of friends that I have are true friends. I value my friends. However, I can tell because I don’t call them very often and spend a small amount of time each month talking and hanging out with my friends. However, I am available for them when they need me as I know they are available for me when I need them.

I could think about my values because it was easy to find out where I spend most of my time and how I do spend it.


I think Robin Sharma is right about writing down our values. It helps me understand where I spend my time every day. It also teaches me to see what I am willing to do for my value and what I do not value.

There are many things I can do during the day that I don’t do...

That is a sign that such things are not important for me. Therefore, I do not value those things as I value the list I just mentioned above. For example, I don’t drink or do drugs, so I don’t value alcohol or drugs. I don’t sit and watch TV, so I don’t value TV. I don’t party often and I know I can live without them, so I don’t value parties (parties are different from reunions). I don’t value compulsive shopping, so I only shop for what I need. You probably get the idea.

What are your values? How do you spend your day? Where or how do you spend most of your time?

If you take the time to think, you will see that it would not be difficult to find your values.



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