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6 Weight Loss Secrets I Use to Help My Clients

In April 2020 we had to close the first Custom Body Fitness location for reasons that were not in our hands, the plandemic and also our lease contract had ended and the rent was going to double. With home arrest, many did not want to continue exercising and the best thing was to close our location.

We had just opened our third Custom Body Fitness location in February 2020. Well, now we are ready to open our first location again. People are asking for our services and can't wait for us to open in Carbondale again.

I tell you this because our program is a success and we have helped many people to transform their bodies, and most importantly, their lives. In this article I want to give you the 6 secrets I use to help our members transform their bodies. So I take a pen and a notebook and begin to take notes and help my clients.

You must have desired it with all your being...

Not a wish or want to change your body, it must be a burning desire! And you can only get that by thinking about the suffering you are going through for not changing, thinking about the suffering you can experience for not changing and thinking about how your life will improve if you change. If the motives are very big and you have them in your mind all the time, then you will transform your body.

Create clear and ambitious goals...

This is quite simple. You can't acquire something you can't imagine. For example, if you tell me you want a car, I can give it to you, but you didn't specify if it's a toy, what it's for, the year, what color, battery run, etc. So if I arrive with a toy or a plastic car, don't get mad because you didn't specify exactly what car you want. The same thing happens with money, if you ask me for more money, I can give you 10 cents and that's more money. You never specified the amount.

Be clear, how many pounds of fat or muscle are you going to lose? Do you want a toned body? Do you mind having strong butt, legs? In how much time? What are you going to do to achieve it? Etc. You have to think big to get big goals. If you think small, you will get small goals. If you know you can lose 50 kilos, think 55 kilos. Do not think about losing only 5 kilos. Be ambitious, but dedicated to your goal.

Have a strong will...


Man exercising in Custom Body Fitness

You need to get out of your comfort zone in order to transform your body and that means pain. You will suffer anyway, but you decide what suffering you want in your life. If you decide to change, the first thing you have to do is strengthen your mind. So don’t take discomfort as an enemy, rather learn to make it part of your life; just like you learned to be uncomfortable with the overweight you carry.

Challenge your beliefs...

This is very difficult because we all think we are right and when someone comes along and tells us we are wrong, our arrogance won't let us let our guard down and listen to the other person's information. Possibly your beliefs have you where you are being overweight; beliefs like, it's genetic, I have a bad back and I can't exercise, eating healthy doesn't work for me, I can't lose weight even if I try, contraceptives don't affect my weight, and things like that. Open your mind and put new information into practice.

Sandro Torres Talking About Lose Weight
Choose your friends wisely...

You probably don't want to hear this, but you have a lot in common with your friends, even if you want to, you hang out with them for a reason. If your friends have destructive habits, so do you. If your friends are lazy, eat junk food, drink, and don't like to progress, you also practice many of those habits. That doesn't mean that your friends are bad people or less than you, but it does mean that you can't keep practicing those habits that they practice when you want to transform your body. If they are willing to give up those bad habits, then do it together; but if not, then you have to say goodbye to your friends. You have to choose between your future or them.

Keep studying…

Girl exercising in Custom Body Fitness

I don't know everything, so buy books and learn from other people, open your mind and put new concepts into practice, just make sure that the information is legitimate by researching the author making sure he is honest, ethical and cares about humanity.

There you have the 6 secrets to transform your body that I use with our members. They work, I have used them since 2010 helping thousands of people just like you. put them into practice.

This is a 6 advices to help my clients.



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