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4 Keys to Lose Weight Permanently

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Let's go straight to the point of the 4 keys lose weight permanently...

That I am going to give you so that you get rid of the unwanted fat and tone your body.

Why did you really make the decision to lose weight…?

In a school they asked the parents of the students what they wanted for their children. Although very few parents chose things, like money, fame, travel, most asked for their children to only be happy.

That is the real reason why we make decisions. You really want to lose weight because you know that somehow it will make you happy. But let's go one step deeper. You don't really want to lose weight; you want what losing weight is going to give you. For example, wearing smaller clothes, improving your self-esteem, being independent when you get older, beating diabetes, being healthy, having energy to play with your children, getting a partner, or getting married and want your dress to fit you well.

That is where the real desire to lose weight comes from. Otherwise losing weight just to lose weight has no reason...

man exercising

When you forget your why, the motivation ends. If you didn't start a program, now you won't start it. And if you started the program and your reasons have already been forgotten, you will leave everything.

A few years ago I had a client who was very motivated to lose weight and get in shape. Her father was her motivation. She told me that her father was very active. Her father managed, eating healthy and exercising, to reach 90 years of age without pain and independent of people and machines. He didn't even need a cane to walk. However, the people she grew up with were already in nursing homes in wheelchairs and on gurneys depending on the nurses.

You really have to have your motivation clear knowing why you really want to lose weight…

There must be a critical moment in your life where you decide to change...
girls show her muscles

Have you heard of Mother Teresa? She was a nun. Her faith was given to God. She taught from the church, with money and commodities around her. Until one day she visited the poor in Calcutta. She met a dying man. The man wanted to tell her something, but he couldn't move. Then she reached out and put him in her arms and the man whispered, "Water." After that he died in her arms. Time stopped for Mother Teresa and she realized that her place was there, among the poor. Even against the church, Mother Teresa went to the streets to help the poor.

Abraham Lincoln also had to suffer. Although he was a conceited man and was in politics he did not change until his wife died. He fell into a great depression that his pain made him govern for the people and help others. Buddha is the same story. He was rich. He was quite a prince, but his love affairs only brought him pain. So he gave up everything to experience true pain and that's how she found God and dedicated himself to helping those who were spiritually lost.

The same thing happened to an acquaintance. I come from a poor neighborhood. Things are settled by fights and the strongest abuse the weakest. Everyone knew the devil, that's how they nicknamed this person because he was very malicious. He was a boy who abused the weak and beat them to get what he wanted. Sometimes left his victims in a coma. Until one day he got beat by a gang and left him in a coma. He ended up in the hospital.
Man explains a theme

After he recuperated, he never attacked anyone again and now he dedicates himself to helping the community...

Those are drastic changes that many people have made thanks to suffering. You do not have to suffer to be able to make the decisions to change your body. You don’t have to be embarrassed of not getting into the plane seat, of not being able to do your physical work alone, of being sick or that your clothes don't fit.

You can avoid suffering if you are wise...

Your beliefs keep you where you are...

People believed that the earth was flat until a scientist challenged them. People continue to believe that diseases are genetic until they challenge their beliefs as did those who believed that the earth is flat. Many blame their thyroid, their age, their pregnancy for being overweight. But if you don't challenge your beliefs and you keep falling for that, then you're not going to be able to do something; you're always going to be overweight because that indicates that you can't do something for yourself. But if you challenge your beliefs and discover reality, you will realize that everything is in your hands and that you have control over your weight.

Not only that, there are also beliefs in the weight loss industry. For example, lifting weights makes your body look like a man, exercising with your stomach makes your belly slimmer, losing weight is an event, the thyroid is to blame for your overweight, the products work miracles.

Challenge your beliefs and do a reality check...

Create specific goals…
Man doing crunches

Now that you know why it is important to lose weight, you have made the decision to change, and you know that many of your beliefs limit you, it is time to create specific goals. They did an experiment where they asked several people to walk in a straight line to the end of the room where the subjects were. They put a chair in the middle. Many went under the chair, others jumped over it, others took it away, but they all reached their goal. They did the same with other people, but this time they only asked them to walk in a straight line. They all came to where the chair was.

That tells us that we reach our goal, even if we come across an obstacle, if we know where we are going...

Write down your clear goals. I Lost 40 pounds in 6 months. It is much better than writing I'm going to lose weight. Create a plan with short goals, cut calories from processed food. Even better, what are you going to cut, the soda, the bar, the chips, the fast food, the candy, the energy drinks? What are you going to replace it with, vegetables, how much, in what meals?

How many times are you going to lift weights a week, 3 times- Monday, Wednesday and Friday, alone, with a friend, with a trainer, at home, in a gym, on the street? That's how clear and specific you must be.

There you have the 4 keys to lose weight permanently. I promise you if you follow this you will never gain weight again and you don’t have to deal with being overweight again in your life.



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