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Weight Loss Case Study: I Gained 10 Pounds Because of This

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Welcome everybody to another Custom Body Fitness case study. Today we are with Sandra Shaffer. She has seen remarkable results. So, we want to ask how she got started. We want to know her story.

Sandro, “Welcome my friend. So, let's talk about when you started, the minute that you decided to call me, why did you decide to call me?”

I thought I needed to do something about my health and my fitness...

Woman being intreview

Sandra, “Well, it was still at the beginning of the year. It was in February, and I thought I needed to do something about my health and my fitness. I felt sluggish and tired. So, I googled about weight loss near me and then this place showed up and I thought, ‘This is right down the street from my house.’ And then the next day I called the number and made an appointment and ever since then I have been coming three times a week. I knew I would not do it by myself, I don’t have the discipline. And this program really convinced me. In a group setting there are many sessions available in the morning or the afternoon; you can find an hour, three times a week.

Sandro, “Let us talk about your eating, tell me what things you have changed since you have joined us.”

Woman passing an obstacle course

I gained 10 pounds because of this...

Sandra, “I adjusted the way I was eating, so I did not eat less, but I ate better.”

Sandro, “Tell me about what is better. Give me a couple examples.”

I wasn't hungry because I didn't eat less, just smarter...

Sandra, “I eat more greens, less sugar, less carbs, less tortillas, cookies, pasta, I cut back on all that. I wasn't hungry because I didn't eat less, just smarter. I would eat an apple with some almond butter on it to make it taste better. So, it works. You don't have to starve yourself.”

Sandro, “So, it's not about dieting, right?”

Sandra, “No, it is about choosing the right foods, then you are not as hungry, and you lose weight.”

Sandro, “So, you started eating more greens, you got rid of carbs, what else?”

Sandra, “I am doing cardio, so in addition to sessions three times per week here at the gym. I also go for runs and hikes and I'm sure that helps losing weight too.

Sandro Torres interviewing Sandra Shafer

Sandro, “Let's talk a little about your mindset. Now, this is not the first time I’ve mentioned it, and I tell you this all the time; the most challenging part of fitness as personal trainers is to motivate our members and it is not superficial. It's about helping them understand that they need to push to get the best results and for them to actually lift heavy weights. Not something they are unable to lift of course, but they need to get out of their comfort zone. You just got in here and you got right into it. I know there were days when you did not want to, but you pushed anyway. What did you tell yourself?”

When you tell me I can lift more weight, I will try to do more...

Sandra, “I think I would say to myself, “Just try it and if it works then it is great. I did not think I could lift that much weight. It really helps that you are behind me encouraging me all the way to do more. When you tell me I can lift more weight, I will try to do more. So, I really surprised myself. If I cannot finish my reps, you are right there to help.”

Woman performing Sumo Deadlift

Sandro, “When your muscles are burning and giving up and you are tired and hurting and yet you are still pushing. What else do you tell yourself?”

Sandra, “It is not that many repetitions, like it's 15 and when I reach 10, I have 5 left.”

Sandro, “Is there anything that you can tell the public? Any tips that you can give them so they can start their journey for weight loss or any tips that are beneficial for them?”

Sandra, “Pick up the phone and make the first appointment. I don't think any person has gone out the door without a success story. Looking at all these photos, some have more to lose than others, but everybody looks healthier. There is no reason not to do it. As you are always saying, it's just 3 hours in a week.”

Sandro, “ Thank you so much for joining us. You heard the tips. Eat more greens, come in and exercise with us three times a week, do your cardio. Make that phone call and ask for some help. Don't gain 10 pounds before you make the phone call. Thank you, Sandra. I really appreciate it. Thank you for your time and we will see you next time.”



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