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Weight Loss Is More Than Exercise And Diet

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Assessing our members is something that I love to do...

I love seeing results and seeing how our member’s lives are improving.

Sandro interviewing a client

Of course, not all of our members deliver the same results and some get stuck in their weigh. When this happens we go over what are the problems that are stopping our members to get the results they want. We discuss the solution to deliver results for the next assessment.

So these two reasons, delivering results and helping our members get back in track, are some of the reasons why I like our assessments. But I like the assessment even more because the fact that I am being help by our members as well.

I always say that everyone in this world have psychological issues...

There are those people who are rehabbing and those who have not accepted yet.

We all exposed our problems and traumas in different ways, such as drinking, overeating, being distracted by the television, compulsive shopping, over working and so on.

Lose Weight Permanently book

When I listen to our members speak, and they tell me about their problems, there is something inside of me that simply understands. I have been listening to people’s problems for over ten years and I have experience similar struggles.

Many times we think that we are alone and that nobody understands us...

That we are the only ones that have problems and our problems are bigger than other people’s problems. But when we listen to others, we understand that they do understand more than we think. They are usually dealing with similar problems or bigger problems.

When I am listening to others, many times I end up motivated to become a better person. They teach me that there is no reason to give up. Also, after they finish talking, they feel better.

The simple act of listening to others and empathy with them, it is an act of helping

And that makes me feel valuable and valuable is what I want to feel and be. But also the truth is the opposite: our members are helping me by telling me their stories and reminding me that we all are humans fighting our negative side.

More than exercise and diet...

Many people think that losing weight is exercise and diet, but the truth is that losing weight is more than an act of exercise and eating healthy. Everything starts in the head, thoughts, desires, limitations, wiliness and beliefs…



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