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To Lose Weight Maintenance Your Body and Balance Your Life

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I come from a very poor neighborhood and many of us, who have a poor mentality, don’t know the magnitude of maintenance things. I bet you have read some of my history; back in Mexico I had no money for food let alone a cheap car. But I knew how much I needed to save to have a car. But I never thought about the maintenance expenses.

Now that I learned some about life, I know that whatever I get besides the tag price, it comes with a maintenance tag…

If you own a car, you know you need oil changes, tire rotation, new tires, alignments, windshield wipers, washes and so many other things every time the car needs it. The same happens with your house, your backyard, your computer, your AC, heater and most anything you can think about.

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So we spend time and money to maintain those material things that give us comfort or security to keep them around. So then, why many of us don’t understand that our body also needs maintenance? Here is where exercise and eating healthy matters. Our body is more valuable than any luxurious car or any mansion and yet we put in the cheapest fuel and ignore its needs.

Changing the oil or doing any kind of maintenance in your car every 50,000 miles won’t make your car last. As a matter of fact, it might die before it gets to 50,000 miles without maintenance.

The same happens with your body, exercising once in a while a couple times a month and eating the wrong foods most of the time will wreck your body…

Your body will show this with diseases, weight gaining, pains and aging.

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If your car gets trash for lack of maintenance, you can get a new one. You just lose money. If you fail to maintain your house, you can just pay someone to repair, clean, change or fix. The same with anything else. Yes, it is not ideal. You lose money, but there is a solution. However, if you fail to maintain your body, you suffer; you need to reverse the damage, which takes time or in many cases the damage is irreversible. You only have one body and one life.

So by maintaining your body, you avoid many problems such as diseases,slowing down aging and gaining weight. Plus, you get more energy, combat depression, have more muscle strength, look more attractive and many other benefits.

If you start to maintain your body, you don’t need to worry about losing weight…

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This is what you need to do to maintenance your body…

Give yourself time alone to destress from life. You need peace time and time to think about your life and be grateful. This can only happen when you schedule time in your calendar for yourself.

Exercise everyday without excuses. Your whole body needs oxygen and it needs to be challenged to meet the demand to stay young. This will help you avoid many diseases and control others. Get in the gym 3 times a week and enjoy the outdoors by hiking, running, or biking at least 3 times a week.

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Eat the best foods for your body. This is the most difficult of all. There are no excuses for this one. You become what you eat and the wrong foods are the biggest factor for diseases and gaining weight. Learn about it, find and eat the best food you can. Eat on schedule and don’t poison your body with fluoride. alcohol, sugar, energy drinks and anything that is synthetic and your body can't digest.

Do these 3 things and you have managed to take care of the biggest maintenance of your body.

Plus, you won’t have to worry any more about losing weight…

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