Avoid Overeating At Night

A couple of months ago, I assessed many of our members after quarantine. Many of them manage to gain some weight and others could at least stay in their weight. I don’t blame them. Even though I continue to exercise, I bet I also gained some weight and here is why:

You may relate to what I am going to say. I had many things to do at home and I had a pretty good routine. I was working in my backyard, meditating, writing, reading, creating online sessions, training members online and some physical small groups. However, the time when I was at home I walked so many times to the refrigerator.

Even though there was no junk food in my refrigerator, I still manage to overeat some of the good food my cousin cooked. I am not sure how many times I checked the refrigerator or the cabinets to find anything tasty to eat, but I know I walked to it many times.

I talked to many of our members and they all have similar experiences. How about you? How do you do this quarantine? Did you gain some weight? Did you walk to the refrigerator many times? Or how was your experience?