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Why Do I Need to Exercise?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The human body has been designed to do physical activity...

Back in the past our ancestors used their body properly. They hunted and gathered and later harvested crops and foraged for firewood. They traveled on foot and built things by hand, including their houses. Nowadays, we have designed machines that do many physical activities for us. Our ancestors were healthier because of the active lifestyle they had and therefore live longer.

Woman doing a lunge

I remember when I used to get up to turn the channel notch of the television, no too long ago (Well, at least is what I want to think). Now, people can do it from their comfortable spot with the help of the remote. Not only that, but lights, TV and other sophisticated products can be turn on by voice command. We travel everywhere by car and machines do many of our physical tasks. There is no need for much physical activity anymore.

We look for ways to make our life easier with less physical activities...

I don’t think there is nothing wrong with us coming up with new inventions that make our life easier. But there is always a payoff for it. The consequences that come with it can’t be avoided and ignored, they need to be approach. This is why you need to exercise.

Otherwise, the consequences are obvious, aging faster (lose muscle and bone mass, lose stroke volume, become less flexible, acquire aches and pains, risk injury and become less useful), gaining weight, developed cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases, joint injuries as well as muscle and bone, depression and lack of energy.

teen playing video games

In truth, without all those labor-saving devices, my profession wouldn’t exist. You would be active by demand and exercise as living. However, you need dedicated professionals like me to help you get back in shape. The human body needs to find ways to compensate for its lack of physical activity.

The reality is that we live less than our ancestors; we are less healthy and we develop more diseases than our ancestors. And this can be because of our lifestyle we are living.

The less we use our body, the faster we lose it...

Two women running

To avoid many of these problems such diseases, injury from falling and getting old faster, we must exercise. Being physically active is what the human body is designed do. So make your life easier by exercising regularly. Five hours a week can keep you fit, 3 hours of strength training and 2 hours of cardiovascular training. The reward of the exercise habit can’t be achieved by any other way. If exercise were in form of pills, it will be the pill more prescribed expects confirm.

Why do I need to exercise...?

When we make a change in our environment or homeostasis, we need to always compensate to have a harmonious life. Having an exercise routine is a way of compensating for having a less demanding lifestyle.



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