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Weight Loss Case Study: Life Is Better If I Excel Difficulties

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Welcome to another weight loss case study at CBF. Today we are in Glenwood Springs with Blanca Aviles. Like always, she has seen great results and she has transformed her body completely. We want to find out what she has done to get those results, so she can give you the tips and you can do the same thing.

Sandro, “Welcome, Blanca.”

Blanca, “Hi everyone.”

Sandro, “It is great to have you here. Why did you decide to change your life and your body?

Blanca Aviles being interview

Blanca, “I had insecurities and lack of confidence, fears and bad habits of eating. When I decided to come, the plan was to change my body, not my mind. It was not in my expectations. I remember that I talked to my sister. She told me that this was a good gym. I was inconsistent until I started to be regular and see little changes and things change in my life.”

The plan was to change my body, not my mind. It was not in my expectations...

Sandro, “So the reason why you started is because of the fears and insecurities you had.”

Blanca, “I did not know that. I just wanted to change my body. I did not know about my insecurities. I wanted to overcome a few events that happened in my life. Back then I thought that I would feel better about myself if I changed my body.

Toned woman

Sandro, “Now that you noticed that you know you have a luggage of things, how exercise has helped you?”

Blanca, “I started to focus on myself. I started to be committed to myself. It is a process. It is not only a workout. It was a thing that was in my mind. I don’t know when it happened, but I can say that I started to see changes, not just in my body, but in my life- the way that I eat with my kids. I am very grateful. I am healthier.”

I started to be committed to myself...

Sandro, “So did your whole life change, the way you eat, your family, your confidence?”

Blanca, “Exactly, I was afraid. We tried to do this video. I could not do it. I remember I was nervous. It was my insecurities. The exercise helped me to be focused and to become what I want to become.”

Sandro, “What are the things you are doing to see results? What changes have you made in your diet?”

Blanca Aviles transformation

Blanca, “I used to eat pasta because I love pasta. I love wine. I was a drinker, social drinker. Every time I eat lunch, I eat pasta and a glass of wine. I noticed that it was not good for my health. I was low in energy.”

Sandro, “So you got rid of the pasta and wine?”

Blanca, “Yes I did. I eat salads, salmon, greens, 90% veggies, sometimes pupusas when my mom makes them.”

Sandro, “Tell me about your exercise.”

Blanca, “I did not workout before. I have never stepped in a gym before. This is the first time. I used to swim. Now I am exercising at CBF, I am hiking and biking.”

I did not workout before. I have never stepped in a gym before...

Sandro, “What do you tell yourself when you are exercising and it is difficult?”

Blanca, “I can do it. I am strong. I have overcome worse things. I have it in my mind that I can do it. When I workout I focus on 5 [reps], then I take a break and I do another 5. This is the way I get there.”

Sandro, “So you cut your big goal into small goals? So this is the answer that I have gotten from a lot of our members. They only think about a small amount of repetitions. They don’t focus on the whole set. Another thing that our members say is that if they did it before, they can do it again. Also you mentioned that you have gone through more difficult stuff than this. It is very important what you tell yourself.”

Blanca Aviles before and after

What is your weight loss tip?”

Blanca, “If I can do it, you can do it. We experience a lot of [difficult] events in life, personal and emotional. We have to think that life is better if we work to overcome them. Don’t stay where you are. You need to continue moving forward. Be committed to yourself.

Sandro, “Thank you, Blanca!

Here are my important points:

1. I was planning to change my body, not my mind. It was not in my expectations. The most important of exercise and eating healthier is that your whole life improves and even your state of mind. You overcome depressions and you become more resilient.

2. I am becoming healthier in the process. This is the goal. That you don’t see a short term solution for your health. You should slowly change to become healthier.

3. I started to see that it was not good for my health. Recognize all the bad habits that they are not helping you to achieve your goal and are stopping you from becoming healthier.

4. I am going to do five, take a big breath and I do another five. Cut your big goals into small goals. It is easier to digest.

5.If I can do it, you can do it. There is no limitation. Blanca is a single mom with two kids who have managed to transform your body. There are no excuses.

I hope you enjoy Blanca's weight loss case study.

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