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Use These Three Behaviors To Improve Your Life

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I have been teaching people how to lose weight over a decade now...

What I really do is teach them concepts that I have learned to be in shape. These concepts not only have helped me get in shape but also get my life in order.

If you are tired of how you life is turning out and you want your life to improve, pay attention to the next ideas I am going to share with you.

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Let’s beginning by accepting that life is suffering no matter in the situation you are. Suffering comes from decisions we make, people’s intention and natural laws. It is true that life is suffering, but it is also true that we can transcend to avoid suffering. This reminds me of a quote that Jim Rohn said, “Don't wish it was easier wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.” So the wiser and stronger you become, less suffering you will experience.

And I am sorry I have to be the one telling you the truth, but someone you love one day will die, you will suffer physical pain, you will encounter deception, someone will go against your beliefs, things won’t come out the way you have planned them, catastrophe will come your way and so on. No matter how rich you are or if you are a celebrity, you are still going to go through suffering. So your best bet is to transcend.

Next is to find out that everything that has happened to you is part your fault, but you did not know that...

Since you did not know that, you can forgive yourself and make better choices now.

We all are product of our environment and unless we have good mentors since the beginning our childhood, it would be difficult to make decisions that prepare us for life. Most likely our parents are not prepared to raise a child. They don’t have instructions and wisdom to teach us the best way to encounter life. There are many reasons why our parents are not prepared for us just like their parents were not prepared for them. However, I am not going to go into details about that.

As we grow, teachers, friends, news, programs, movies, institutions and others continue teaching us how society works according to their perception. There is where we should pay close attention the role models we are following because many times we take advice from someone who is in the same situation suffering life like we are experiencing. That person does not know better than us.

So yes, you can blame part of your mistakes you made that made you suffered to the way you were raised. However, still your decision and the fact that you have the freedom to learn and have access to all kind of information it becomes your responsibility from now own.

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There are many things that you need to learn to improve your life...

But what is more important than learning is to put the information into practice which it would be difficult in the beginning but very rewarding when you start seeing the results.

As you know, we are very a costume to early rewards and here is where we go wrong. Yes, maybe the prompt reward will benefit in the moment, but it won’t benefit you in the future. If you focus in the future you, your family and the community, you will transcend suffering.

Everything starts by taking responsibility to everything it happens to you, becoming discipline and the desired to improve everyone else lives…

I was a loser and unfulfilled person back in the past. I was lost and egocentric. But once I opened my eyes to the truth, I never went back to my old way of doing things.

I learned that everything that happened to me was my responsibility, does not matter if it was other people’s fault. Once I took responsibility for everything that happens to me, I could do something about it instead of being a victim.

Being a victim does not serve you at all to become a better person. Being a victim will only make you weak and useless to you, your family and society. Let’s put it this way, we all suffer and have been victim in life in many ways. For example, the lady who was the love of my life left me for another guy, cheated with my friend; I had a business partner who closed a significant deal behind my back; my dad left my mom when she was pregnant; my knee was dislocated playing with my friends; my car got hit and the insurance did not wanted to pay for the damage; my cousin stole my identity and went to jail because it.

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I could play the victim and tried convince people to show me some compassion, but that won’t help. The only thing could do for me is to make me feel pity. But my situation won’t improve. However, I took action. I decided to let my old relationship go. I learned why my x made such decisions and let her take her path; I look for another business deal which it turned out even better than the one my business partner took from me; I forgave my dad and understood why he made such bad decisions and I enjoy time with him now; I did not blame my friends for what happened to my knee and I found the way to get it fix; I gathered evidence, papered my case and took the individual to court to get the insurance to pay for my car damage; I paid my way out of jail, paid car tow, get my license restated as soon as possible and get my records clean by showing that my identity was stolen.

I never played the victim. That would have taken time and effort from my life. It would not solve the problem and other people won’t take responsibility for what happened to me. I took better action by taking responsibility of what happened to me.

Plus, there are people who have it worse than me and I am so glad I am in such a good situation to be asking for people to feel sorry for me. I am thankful for the situation I am in and take I action instead of playing the victim.

Taking responsibility of my life taught me another lesson...

If I wanted to progress and improve my life I needed to become disciplined. To be able to understand others I needed to understand myself and that requires the discipline to be alone without distraction and study. This is how I could understand the decisions my x and my dad made without affecting me emotionally; for me to get a better business deal I needed to make research, contact people and be papered for the deal; to have my knee fix, I needed to save money, work more, plan my surgery and recovery; to be able to win my court case I needed to be ready with all source of information, pictures, questions and recall the story as it was; to bail myself of jail, I needed money save, have my documents in order to restate my license and prove with evidence that I was not the person who stole my identity.

For all these small cases, I needed to be disciplined and being discipline made my life easier. To have a success business, relationship, a family, career and life, we need to become disciplined. It really makes life easier and it delivers results.

Of course, my life could not have been meaningful if it was not for the purpose I found to improve the world...

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There is something special about caring about others that I can’t quite explain. I just know that that gives me a pleasure that no drug can achieve or any other behavior. When I decided to change my life, I was in so much emotional pain that I started to see the world different. I noticed that I was not the only one who was suffering in this world. I wanted to help everyone to become better and that was a big mistake because we can only help does who need help and want help.

However, I started to care about others and when is about decisions I have to make, I most likely think about how we all benefit from the decision I am taking. For example, each time I sell a contract to one of our members, I think about the commitment I am getting into to help our member reach their weight loss goal. This is not only about me getting pay; it is also about getting out of my comfort zone to deliver the results I promised to our members. Also, the money that I am making benefits my landlord, charities and others.

Another example I can think of is how fantastic my life is and that leads me to think that other people are not as fortunate as I am and I need to help other people with my time or money. Many times being a mentor is the best way to help. That way, you can help the other person to become successful in life and in turn that person helps another person.

Remember that being responsible, disciplined and care about others won’t give you results in the moment, but if you practice them, your future you will get all benefits. This is the reason why is called responsibility and discipline. Many people are not willing to practice responsibility and discipline because they don’t see that prompt results that bad behaviors deliver.

Try it for a couple of month. You don’t need to sign a contract with life. You just need to try it and find out how your life changes. If you don’t like it, you can quit, but it will be so rewarding and it will improve your life in so many ways that you love it.

Remember the only way to avoid suffering is not by being naïve and thinking that nothing will happen to you. It is by you becoming stronger than any task life puts in front of you.



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