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Focus on The Opportunities Instead of Your Loses

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

What do you think when you hear the word Covid 19? Did Covid 19 Affect your life? Or did you take advantage of the opportunities?

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We had to closed our location in Carbondale because our lease went up twice as much and we could not afford it. However, we are coming back in the near future to

Carbondale when we can find the perfect real state to buy.

Good news or bad news...?

I got the news of my lease going up just a month before the Covid 19 issue happened. I was a little stressed to find where to move CBF Carbondale. However, when we were in the middle of the storm, the best decision I could make was to close CBF Carbondale and transfer our members to Willits and Glenwood Springs. Everything was meant to be.

Focus on the opportunities...

Another good thing was that one of our members, a couple of weeks before the Covid 19 issue, thought me how to use a stock market application. When the stock market dropped, I bought some stocks. My money doubled in only 3 months and the profit will continue growing.

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Yes, it is true that Custom Body Fitness and my life got affected by the Corona Virus. But I am in such a great position compared to a lot of people who lost everything, including their jobs.

I always said that I am God’s spoiled boy because He has my back and never let me down. Nevertheless, I don’t focus in the negative or the losses. I focus on the opportunities and my blessings. I act and think through solutions and take risks.

This is what it works and I want you to know that it is not to be optimist...

It is a lifestyle that works when you apply gratitude and look for opportunities. Of course, you have to add some problem solving and action.

When we focus on the good things and find opportunities, we put our energy into such. When we do that, the universe opens more doors for us to progress. Our locations Glenwood and Willits are getting full that now we are starting to look for a place to buy in Carbondale to open our third location again.

monk meditating

Don’t forget that gratitude and looking for opportunities is a way of living and the more you practice it, the more comes to you and the happier you are.

Be grateful, look for opportunities, think solutions instead of problems and act upon it.

We could be the solution to your weight loss problem or your fitness goals. We are here for you and you know you can sign in anytime, but today is the better than tomorrow.

Remember, your energy goes where you focus is.



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