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Weight Loss Case Study: I Don’t Like to Waste a Workout.

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Here is another weight loss case study. Kara was a personal trainer and now she works as a physical therapist at our local hospital. When Kara signed up with us, her marriage was ending. If you have been in a divorce, you know how hard it is. It is not only a legal battle, but more than anything, an emotional fight. I have been there and I know how hard it can be, all the time, money, emotions and effort that someone invests into a marriage just to walk away from it, grinds our soul.

Nevertheless, Kara found the way to overcome such painful times and even get her body transformed. Here is her story:

Welcome to another interview. We have Kara today with us. She is seeing great results. She has been with us for months now. She is going to tell us her story and tips, so you know what to do and start losing weight.

Sandro, “Welcome Kara.”

Kara being interview by Sandro Torres

Kara, “Thank you.”

Sandro, “It is great to see you here.”

Kara, “It is great to be here.”

Sandro, “I am excited about your results and your interview. How did everything start?”

Kara, “Back in the fall, I was going through some life changes. I have two daughters and the youngest went to college across the country and it is hard when you are very close to your kids and spend a lot of time with them and then they are gone. I was dealing with that. Unfortunately, about the same time my marriage was coming to an end, so those two huge things really made me realize what I wanted for me and realizing that I was not focusing on myself for several years.

I knew that I was not in control of a lot of things, but I have control of my body...

There are conditions, but other than that it is all you. So I decided to make a decision to exercise. I always exercise on and off, but I fall emotionally. I was not getting any kind of results, so I decided that I needed some help to get fitter and get healthier and be more confident of myself. I Google fitness center and Custom Body Fitness came up and I read the information on the website and testimonials and it sounded like that is what I really wanted. I loved it since the first day and I still love it.”

Woman stretching her leg

Sandro, “Thank you for those words. Something that stands up about what you are saying- I think a lot of people would relate to this. I have been in the same situation you have been and I can relate to you and thank you for disclosing your marriage.

Sometimes that pain makes us do something different. For example you noticed that you needed to take care of yourself. That is very powerful. That is that motivation for you to do something for yourself. Now that you found that place where to workout, tell me about the changes you have made in your diet.

Not eating fast foods is a change anyone can make...

Kara, “I feel like I was a healthy eater and feeling good about the food I was putting into my body. I think I was eating good, 70% of the time. When I made the commitment to workout at CBF and reduce my body fat, I committed to eating cleaner. I am eating whole foods and healthy foods. I still go out and eat in restaurants. I enjoy my life, but most of the time I eat clean because I feel good because I like the results that I get.”

Sandro, “That is important that you don’t have to be obsessed about eating. Tell me about the small changes you have made. What is healthier?”

Woman smiling

Kara, “Eating whole foods, not package foods , not processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables. I still eat crabs, but if I have the urge of eating chips in the cafeteria, I bring fruits and vegetables or nuts instead.”

Sandro, “Let’s talk about your exercise. What are you doing? You said before you were exercising and not getting results. What is the difference now?”

Kara, “I was going to the gym by myself. I would say at the beginning of the week that I would go three times this week. I planned my workouts. I would not always go. By the end of the day I would be tired and sad or not in a good mood. I would just go home. It was easy because nobody was waiting for me. The other thing was that I was not able to push myself on increasing weights and reps the whole concept of periodization.

I was not being effective in doing that. I was a personal trainer before for whatever reason I have been able to push. I really think that difference [of me getting results], a) I have an appointment. I have it on my schedule. I am coming to meet the group at CBF. Even the small thing of signing up is very helpful. Plus it is more fun than working out on my own. I also think the workouts here are so well planned and balanced. There is a different exercise every week. I also love that you keep track of the weights that you are lifting and when you are ready for more, you say it. I think this is a big part why I am seeing results.”

Woman exercising

Sandro, “Tell me now about your mindset. We go through pain when we exercise. What do you tell yourself when you are exercising?”

I don't like to waste a workout...

Kara, “The pain of working out is not detrimental for me. I like that feeling. I like being sore. Don’t get me wrong. It is hard, especially on Wednesday after Monday. I doubt myself if I can do the exercise. I am so sore from Monday and now I need to do more reps on Wednesday. I just think when I made this decision to transform my body, I was mentally ready and I am all in on this. I don’t like to waste a workout. I am not going to do it half way. I am here to work hard. I feel like I put 100% effort on my workout. We only have so much time in life. If you are going to spend time, why waste it?”

Sandro, "What would you recommend for someone who is starting?

Kara, "I think we do very little for ourselves. This is the thing that you are doing for yourself and don’t give up on yourself. Be kind to yourself because it is not going to be overnight. It takes time. You have to celebrate the little achievements. Celebrate your workout, not the pounds on the scale. Take each workout and congratulate yourself. You have to commit for the long haul.

Sandro, “Anything else you want to tell the public?”

woman working her triceps

Kara, “I can’t say enough good things about Custom Body Fitness. I really recommend it.”

Sandro, “This is a great interview and I think you should follow every single tip that Kara just said. If you just follow her, you get results.”

Here is what I think is worth repeating:

  1. You are not in control of a lot of things. But you are in control of your body. Make your life better by taking control of your body and taking care of yourself.

  2. Not eating fast food is something anyone can do. Very simple, just never stop in a fast food restaurant and you will have a step ahead towards your goals.

  3. It is more fun when you do things in a group. Find the support and meet them often.

  4. Don’t waste your time by only giving your best in your exercise. You only have so much time in your life.

  5. It takes time to see results. Don’t focus on the weight loss but on each workout you do and celebrate it.

Get these tips and apply them in your life and get real weight loss results and tone your body.

I hope you enjoyed Kara's weight loss case study.


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