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The Benefits I Enjoy by Exercising in the Morning

Exercising at any time is good, especially if you are dedicated to your health…

Years ago, my favorite time to exercise was between 6 and 7 pm. I usually exercised after work. Come to think of it, not only was I determined to reach my goal, but it was also helping me to stay away from practicing other destructive habits in the afternoons.

There was a time when I worked so much that I did my exercises after midnight and I went to sleep after exercising. Also at that time I was single and my time was just for me.


I think I liked to exercise in the afternoon or evening because I didn't like waking up early and I also felt like I had more strength in the afternoon. I usually had no events or inconveniences that would interfere with my exercise routine.

But now my life is different; I do my exercise in the mornings, between 5 and 6 am…

I think any time is good to exercise and the best time to do it is the one that fits your lifestyle. I am an example. Before my exercise routine was at night and now it is in the morning.

And since now it's mornings, I'm going to give you the benefits I enjoy from doing my exercise in the mornings...

  1. I am a leader in a couple of businesses and have a family and with that comes a lot of responsibilities. Now my time is not just for me, but for many people. So I like to have my afternoons free to finish my responsibilities or in case I have an emergency.


2. Once I do my exercise, I'm no longer thinking about it and that I have to do it in the afternoon. As we know, exercise is not an easy thing and the internal struggle we have to do it is real. So instead of having that struggle all day, I know that if I exercise in the morning my mind rests all day. One more achievement and less stress.

3. I have more energy in the morning. I feel more awake and more attentive.

4. I like to start with the most difficult things in any project. Exercise is the most difficult project of my day and once I do it I feel like everything else is easier to do.

5. My goal is to finish my exercise before I start my day with my work. Psychologically, I train myself to wake up early and finish it before any other work, so I have much more time to finish my work during the day and that also gives me free time for my family and my hobbies.

The truth is that I have been exercising in the mornings for more than 5 years and that has given me the opportunity to forget about exercising all day, to have my afternoons free in case something goes wrong, to have more energy during the day, to make my day easier, and have more hours during the day.

For these reasons, if you have the opportunity to exercise in the mornings, do it…

Otherwise, any schedule that fits into your lifestyle is good.

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