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How to Become Mentally Strong

Updated: May 1

All human beings have moments of doubt and weakness. When those moments happen to me, I start thinking about all the people and animals who risk their lives every day to be able to survive and eat.

For example, in Mexico where narcos have taken authority, people have to follow their rules or pay with their lives. Many of these people are citizens who do good, but the reality is that the narcos do not care.

Another example is in wildlife, the zebra for example, to drink water and graze, has to be alert in case the lions are going to attack it. The lion can also be struck by an elk and be mortally wounded.


We have some humans risking their lives in crab fishing, ducks wintering without knowing that they can be hit by a bullet and so on. Many risk their lives meanwhile; compared to this, I have it easy. But it was not always like this. There was at some stage in my life when I too needed to survive.

Thanks to this stage, my life has been easier now. I learned to be strong...

All these people who risk their lives every day are stronger than the people who don't. They become psyched up and have learned to live with these risks. Also the animals, if you compare a domestic animal with a wild one, the chances of survival of one over the other are drastically different. 

The same thing happens with human beings. The more misfortunes he suffers, the stronger he becomes if he so decides...

Strong people are strong because they suffered. These challenges or sufferings the strong face rather than evade. These people also feel like giving up when they are suffering, but they know that this pain or challenge is temporary and that is why they do not give up and continue until they achieve their goal. Force is never created if there is no resistance.


So for you to become strong you have to go through challenges...

The bottom line is that you must have challenges and suffering if you want to become strong. Here I am going to give you some tips to make your mind strong.

Meditate every morning for just 15 minutes and start controlling your thoughts.

Take cold showers in the mornings.

Find a challenge in life that scares you and do take.

Fight for your values even if the world is against you.

Visit a third world country or visit a poor place and live there for a few weeks.


Do spiritual retreats with the goal of not having comforts within your reach.

Have difficult discussions with those you love and the people around you.

Remember that the only way you can become strong is through challenges, resistance and suffering. Don't run away from this. Better to face it, live it and become stronger. What you are going through is not for life, it is just a moment in your life, don't forget to be mentally strong.

And that's how you become mentally strong...

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