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How to Lose More Than 8% Body Fat in 5 Weeks

Every year we have four challenges in Custom Body Fitness, by the beginning of the spring, we start our ladies’ challenge called The 5 Week Sexy Slim Challenge. This 2024 all the participants deliver good results. But there were 5 of them who delivered extreme results, Blanca Aviles with over 8% body fat loss, Sandra Shafer over 7%, Marbella Chavez, Elida Gutierrez and Verenice Terrones with over 5% body fat loss.

I was so impressed with this results that I wanted to know what were tha things they did to lose so much weight and I decided to interviewed them. I also wanted to share with you their secrets to extreme weight loss.

They all did the same thing during these 5 weeks to get the best results... 


Blanca said that she stopped drinking and started eating healthy like before and let go of all the junk food. Also in her weight lifting sessions, she said she started to lift heavier and increasing the weights when once she was stock lifting the same for a while. Another thing she mentions is that she was consistent with everything everyday to get these results. Even though she knows that all this helped her lose weight, she attributed her results to cardio. Cairo boosts weight loss.

Sandra Shafer presumes that she lost weight because she also got to be consistent with her cardio…


She was attending her sessions consistent as well and she pay a lot attention to her eating habits and she believed that was what really delivered the results.

Marbella Chavez also started eating healthy, being consistant with her weight lifting and started to do cardio…


However, she said that she was not really being extreme with anything until the challenge. In the challenge, she started to lift heavier, eat healthier and be intense with her cardio.

Elida Gutierrez stopped eating junk food and started something new and more intense… 

Which she never did before and that was our sessions at Custom Body Fitness. She did walk, but was not intense in her cardio. But one thing she said that I loved. Elida said that she will never wake up early to exercise, but she started doing that and consistency is the key once again.

Verenice Terrones also said that she never exercises this way which means that she did not have a full body and estructural workout where she was consistent… 


She also started eating healthy and did some cardio.

So everyone really did the same program where some were more intense than others, cardio, weight lifting and eating healthy. However, the common denominator I noticed with everyone who got these extreme results is consistency. 

Then, if you really want to see results in your weight loss program the key is to stay consistant with those three things, eating healthy, cardio and lifting your weights.

Don't wait any longer to lose body fat

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