Set Your Mind For An Energetic Strength Training Session

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Understanding your body and your mind will aid

you to better perform at your strength training session...

Thus yelling better results and getting to your fitness goals faster.

Obviously, skeletal muscles are needed to perform any physical activity. Muscles are the main energy burning factory. To move any muscle the body requires energy. If there is no energy, the muscle can’t be move making physical activity impossible. However, according to experts, there are 3 types of muscle fatigue which not all involve energy depletion.

Synaptic fatigue...

The least common fatigue. The brain sends a signal called action potential to the muscle. Right where the nerve and the muscle attach, neuromuscular junction, action potential “tags” acetylcholine, acetylcholine “tags” sodium, sodium “tags” calcium and calcium binds to troponin allowing muscle contraction. Rarely the body would not release enough acetylcholine to complete the cycle. When this happens, synaptic fatigue happens. If noticed, the signal starts with the brain.

Muscular Fatigue...

The second most common. Here is where there is not enough energy synthesized. The body goes into different chemical process to create the energy use by the muscle- adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Fat, carbohydrates and protein are used to synthesize ATP. The body is restoring ATP at all the time. However, depending on the energy system (anaerobic or aerobic), the body can perform some activities more efficiently than others.

Psychological Fatigue...

The most common fatigue. The body has all the requirements to do physical activities, acetylcholine, ATP and all other chemicals to cause muscle contraction. Nevertheless, the individual may think that he or she can’t perform physical activities.

What you think, when you exercising, is very important for your performance and results by the end. Many people have busy lives, but being busy does not mean that the body is tired and can’t perform an hour of exercise. So if you are straggling at your training and feel that you are tired most of the time, it could be that you are psychological fatigue since is the most common one.

If you want better results and feel energetic, take into consideration reprograming your brain and start thinking positive, train your brain to feel strong and send signals to your body instead of your body controlling your brain. Don’t let the erroneous perception of “being tired” defeat you.

Remember that by the end the only person who has control over your brain is you...

Stressful times can take a lot of your energy and drained you. However, when this happen, keep in mind that no state is forever and you will get over it. But I challenge you to continue with your positive thinking and control your thoughts.

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