Do I Need to Take Vitamins?

I have yet to meet a personal trainer that does not receive commission for selling supplements. I can increase my revenue by at least $1000 to $2000 dollars a month by recommending or pushing supplements on my clients. For example, protein, vitamins, workout aids and so on. The reason why I did not join the trend is because I care about our members’ health. Money is not the key but the value that I provide to them is.

Vitamins are not the answer...

Vitamins have become part of some people’s lives, while many other people don’t use them and are still meeting their daily requirements. Sometimes people ask me whether it’s advisable to take vitamins. Some doctors, nurses and nutritionists recommend vitamins or supplements. While is true that many people don’t meet their daily vitamin requirement, supplements are not always the answer. I am not a doctor and I am not pretending to be, but what I can share with you is what I have discovered through my own experiences.

As an example, people who drink more than the recommended levels and people who use drugs (recreational or prescribe) may have a vitamin deficiency. The solution in most cases is the change of lifestyle and eating habits.