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Benefits of a Custom Training Program

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Whenever people try to get in shape, they are faced with a complex problem. Apart from dieting and regular sleep, you really should opt for a training program. But, considering how there are group sports, individual sports, martial arts, yoga, weightlifting, calisthenics, CrossFit, bodyweight exercises, and many more - what should you pick? Our argument, and the reason we are writing this article, is that the best course of action is to get a custom training program. Here's why.

A person and their trainer working on a workout plan.

Popular training programs - exercise in futility

Seeing that there are so many training programs, one might think that it is easier than ever for people to get in shape. And, while there are certainly benefits to having so many options, the mere consideration of them can be overwhelming. If you have no prior experience with training, you might find it hard to pick a program that suits you. After all, how are you supposed to know what type of training is suitable for you?

Every program wants to attract as many people as possible. So, they will boast that they are suitable for all ages, genders, body types, and fitness levels. And while this might be theoretically true, it is important to note that not all programs fit all people in practice.

Understanding your training goal

No form of training gives you everything. Some increase your strength, and some help you lose fat. Some help you bulk up; others help you get a lean physique. While you will, in effect, get a bit of everything when you start, it is essential to first decide what your goal is. If you focus on one thing, say losing fat or gaining muscle, you can then proceed to find the type of training that suits you. The more you can define your goal, the easier it will be to find the right program. But it is paramount that you forgo the wishful thinking of "I want to gain everything from my training program". No program focuses on everything, as it is practically impossible to do so.

A person laying in bed with no motivation to work out.
Pick the wrong training regiment, and you'll soon lose the motivation to train.

Benefits of custom training programs

The true benefit of a custom training program is that it allows you to achieve the goal you want to achieve. Since you don't have to follow a premade program, you are free to customize your training routine so that it fits your schedule, age, fitness level, and fitness goal. If your program isn't customized to your needs, you won't be efficient enough, or you will be risking burnout or even injury if it is too difficult. Yes, there is a slim chance that a premade program can be perfectly suited for you. But the odds of this happening are too slim to speak of. So, if you are genuinely trying to get in shape in the fastest, safest, and best-managed way, you need to undertake a custom workout program.

Moreover, aside from a good trainer, healthy habits can help you get the body of your dreams. While good training is important, there is no substitute for a proper diet and regular sleep. An experienced trainer can give you the basics of what constitutes a good diet. After that, you should consider your daily schedule and organize yourself to follow the said diet. Know that diet, training, and sleep are all equally important and that you cannot hope for efficient results if you focus solely on one.

To complement your fitness journey, consider setting up a home gym that caters to your specific needs and preferences. Whether it's a compact corner dedicated to exercise or a fully-equipped space, a home gym allows you the convenience and flexibility to work out on your schedule. Choose exercise equipment that aligns with your fitness goals, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, a stability ball, or even a treadmill or stationary bike. Ensure that the gym space is well-lit, ventilated, and clutter-free to create an inviting and motivating atmosphere. With the right tools at your disposal, coupled with a balanced approach to diet, training, and sleep, your home gym can become the perfect hub for achieving the fit and healthy lifestyle you desire.

A person working out at home.
A custom training program is necessary if you want to get the best results.

How to create a custom workout program

By now, you've probably realized that a custom workout program is not something you can develop on your own. True, you can mix up a couple of things and, arguably, create an original training program. But doing so will likely cause injuries. So, with this in mind, you need to forgo studying available training programs, as there are far too many to cover anyway, and instead find a personal trainer to guide you.

Choosing your trainer

A quick Google search will show you that you probably have dozens, if not hundreds, of personal trainers available in your area. Just like their programs, they promote excellent efficiency, top results, and adaptability to all ages and fitness levels. So, what are you supposed to do?

To pick the right trainer, you need to take a couple of steps. First, create a list of all the potential trainers. Then, proceed to check their credentials. Seeing that there is no official requirement for being a personal trainer, people from all walks of life tend to give it a try. So, to avoid frauds and snake oil salesmen, you want to first check credentials. Once you do that, you need to look for experience and reviews.

A person following a custom training program with the oversight of their trainer.
Having a good personal trainer is paramount.

The more experience a trainer has, the more likely they are to help you. Now, this isn't always the case, as a trainer can easily use the same program on all clients, which defeats the purpose of a custom program. So, to combat this, you need to see the reviews. Ignore the before and after photos, as those are not only common but can easily be altered. Instead, see what people are saying about the trainer. If people of all shapes, ages, and fitness levels are leaving good reviews, you are likely considering someone worthwhile.

Having the right mindset

This is something that your trainer will likely mention on their own accord. Nonetheless, we will say it here to help push the message. Namely, no trainer, diet, or custom training program can help you unless you have the right mindset. Usually, people either go too hard at the start and burn themselves out. Or, they feel that they will get the results just by going to the gym (and not actually putting in the work).

Your mindset should be to follow your trainer to the word throughout the session. Don't try to go above what they say. Nor should you try to give vague reasons why you cannot do an exercise. Do your trainer and yourself a favor and simply follow their instructions to the word.



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