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Your Health and Soul Are More Important Than Body Toning

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

  • Mark 8:36

Steroids and surgery have become very popular nowadays… 

People want to see results and they want to see them fast. Hard work and patience is something that some people don’t practice anymore. With this in mind, I am the one who is going to tell you that weight loss, health and body toning don’t have shortcuts. 

Let's talk about surgery. More than 50% of people who have weight loss surgery regain their weight.The reason is because these people have not changed their habits. They think their problem is their body and extra weight, but the real problem is their lifestyle. 

Steroids, on the other hand, can also help people lose weight and gain muscle, but detrimental for physical and mental health. There are many side effects such sa liver failure, inhibition of naturally occurring testosterone, aggression behavior, suicide thoughts, heart attacks and many other issues. Yes, if you stay for life taking steroids and exercising, you lose weight and tone your body, but that does not mean that you are fit and healthy. 

None of these shortcuts for weight loss, health and body toning are going to give you the results you are really looking for… 

People who do weight loss surgery usually want to avoid disease, feel good and look good. And people who take steroids usually do it for vanity. Interestingly, 93% of steroid users and bodybuilders reported dissatisfaction with their bodies. This is according to a questionnaire. 

In our search for better appearance and fitness performance, we start losing what we are looking for, our mental and physical health. There is no point to lose our soul and health by taking shortcuts and having the illusion that we have made it when we know inside of us these methods do not fulfill our souls and health. 

This can be compared to wanting to become financially free or rich. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to look attractive and have a nice body. I think everyone should aim for that. Just like there is nothing wrong with wanting financial freedom and becoming a millionaire. 

As a matter of fact, being attractive can open doors for you in many areas just like money can give you more freedom to invest your time in helping others. But If you start becoming a millionaire by trafficking organs, selling drugs, selling your body, killing people, trafficking children, then the money is worth nothing. You start losing your soul. Better become a millionaire by serving others.  

The same happens with your health when you are taking shortcuts… 

On the surface you can show that you lose weight or that you tone your body, but inside you know you are not real and you are putting your mental and physical health at risk.

Remember that you are losing weight and toning your body to feel confident, better health, to improve yourself not to deteriorate yourself. Do it for you and not for appearance only. Don’t lose your health and soul in the process. 

Your Health and Soul Are More Important Than Body Toning.

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