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I Want to Lose Weight & Have An Exciting Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

If you want to successfully fly an airplane, you need to learn how to fly the airplane. I don’t think you will just jump on it and “try”. I would say the same about visiting a new place. If you want to be there safe and actually be there and on time, you may need instructions from a friend who was there before, from a GPS, Map or others. We need instructions to do everything successful, even the things that come to us naturally such as talking need instructions and practice. Someone else thought us how to do it. The better the teacher the faster and better results.

old cover for weight loss permanently

"I want to lose weight" is the statement many people start their weight loss journey. Weight loss is not the exception and since I have being helping lots of people in the valley to reach their goal, I have learned a lot of useful tools that I want to share with you for you to get in shape. I promise you if you follow these 9 tools, you will lose weight, get a nice body and keep it forever young.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started…

I read that somewhere and I don’t remember who I should credit this to. The truth is that if you want to see results soon, you must make up your mind and start now. Leaving it for tomorrow will only prolong it because usually tomorrow becomes next week, next month or next year.

You never fail; you learn…

It is hard for many people to go back in track into a weight loss routine or fitness routine when they have tried a couple times and they have not seeing results and things simple did not come out the way they wanted. An injury may happen, a negative experience with other people at the gym, a bad relationship with the trainer. There will be always these types of events. However, this is not a sign to give up.

This is an experience to learn and move on. Maybe the exercise form was correctly learned or taught or you were distracted and got hurt. Maybe people are in their own world and they are not trying to be rude; they just had a bad day or maybe there is other facility where people are nicer and you can try. Thank god there are so many personal trainers. There is one of each taste and need. You don’t have to stick with one. Learn from the event and move one.


When you lose fat and see the change in your body, recognize and don’t focus on what you have not achieved yet. Instead reward yourself by going to the hot springs, a massage or new cloth. In the other hand, if you don’t lose any fat or you gain, make sure you know that you did not work for it. Make it painful in you and understand that is a mistake. However, once you know that you made a mistake, let go and go back in track and feel the passion that is coming from your mistake and that now you will get great results.

Break all complex tasks into small tasks…

man climbing

The other day a friend's car was parked just by my car and the three dogs where in her car that we own. I was transferring them to my car and I opened her door and my door. I asked them to get in the other in my car. Max was the first to think about it but got it right away. He jumped down to the ground and then up to the other car. Ashes and Pelon were trying to figured out. They wanted to jump from car to car. While Max broke such a “complex” task into pieces, Ashes and Pelon wanted to eat the whole elephant with one bite. You have a long way to get a fit body. Don’t make it to complex find the basic on your eating habits and exercise. Eating whole foods and starting with walking is not complex. You don’t have to follow the fad diet or start with a structured weight lifting program. You may progress there, but the point is to break the complex task into simple ones.

One thing at a time and everything will flow smooth…

Be patience. When you are doing everything that is in your hands, everything will fall into place. Results are not over night. Results will come at the right time. When we try force things or make try to get them faster, things never happen. Do your best and wait for magic to happen.

Destiny chooses our parents; we choose our friends…

This quote I got it from Rhinoceros Success . You are an ambitions person. If you are waiting for everyone to support you, you may stay like that for your whole life. There are many people that don’t want you to change, not because they are bad people. Simply, they don’t want to stay behind and they don’t want to change and is easier for them to try to stop you than work to your level. Find the right people who are doing what you want to achieve and let them help you. They want to see you succeed.

Go Pro…

Many of us feel intimidated because never gone for a run, never lifted weights, biked, hiked, or be active. We focus in what other people are going to think about us. Everyone started somewhere, no one born doing it. Get your exercise outfit and act like a pro and learn as you go along or hire someone who can teach you.

Keep your promises…

I am not sure about you, but I pray everyday no matter what. However, when I am in more need is when I pray the most. When I want something to happen in my life and I need an immediately or desperate change and I can’t find an exit, I always make a deal with God. I don’t forget about my deal and I honor God. If you asked for help and made a promise, make sure you keep your promise. I bet if some makes a contract with you, you want that person to honor the contract. The contract you make says a lot about your reputation. Make sure you don't let your self down by not following your promise.

Hands shaking

There is no end…

Weight loss is not a trend, can’t be approach by pills, surgeries, lotions, magic tricks, wraps or any other fast method. Weight loss and being fit is a lifestyle. It can’t be only done for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years. The road to weight loss has no end.

"I want to lose weight." make it to "I am losing weight."

There you have the 9 tools. Put them into practice and wait for your body to change. Everything takes time, but is worth the time. Remember that you will get the body of your dream thanks to the reasons you have to change your body. Before starting to practice these tools, I recommend you go back to the reason why you want to transform your body. The reason will give you the motivation to get momentum.


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