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Start Your Weight Loss Program With the Right Tools

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Ryan has been in the hospital three times for two diseases he could have avoided...

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diabetes and gout, where he gets a quick fix to go back to his routine of working. He is a workaholic just like I am (I don’t blame him). He loves what his does and his business depends of him. He is always looking forward to work. He also has a family that he loves and a baby on his way.

Ryan is overweight and he does not know why he wants to lose weight. The reason why he is seeking professional help is because other people are asking him to do so. He knows exercising and eating healthy will help him to lose weight, but work and other “important” activities get in the way.

He has no motivation to lose weight what so ever. However he has done it twice in 30 years, lost 30 pounds and regained it. When I sit with him and talk about his life, I noticed that problem. He does not have his whys clear. He does not understand yet that weight loss is not what is important. And maybe not even his health. However, what is important to him is his family and his career.

Nevertheless, if Ryan continues in the same path, he will end up in the hospital again with very high possibilities of depending of machines, surgeries or even dying. This means that he won’t be able to take care and enjoy his family. He will need to stop what he loves to do; his job and his might run out of business.

As soon as he understood his why to exercise and eat healthy, he got the motivation he needed. Now he is losing weight and balancing his live between work, his family and his health.

Start Your Weight Loss Program...

Business that have their mission statement clear and people who have their whys clear have been proven that they are the most successful in life. My whys wake me up everyday very at 4 am. They are clear and give me the motivation to do what it takes to achieve my goals.

Lesson 1: Have you whys clear to lose weight.


Without a why you don’t even know WHY is important to lose weight.

Bethany lost her mom two years ago. Her mom died of heart complications. The mom did not take care of herself. She did not exercise or ate healthy. Bethany fall in depression and suffer a lot.

I understand her. I have been there. However, she is not dwelling anymore and she understood something very important and made a promise. She understood if she does not do something for herself, she will end up the same way her mom.

Bethany knew that her mom would like the best for her. So the promised she made was to lose 60 pounds and be healthy. She made it!! She was devoted to her promised. She needed to suffer before she understood the why she needed to lose weight.

Many of us need to suffer to improve our lives. All successful people have been through a crisis before they achieve an important goal in their lives.

I am very good with pain. I had had three knee surgeries and the last one was three ligaments in one surgery. Never took a pain killer pill. Pain and I, have become good friends.

However, depression is one of the most painful situations I ever been. It makes me kneel, cry and ask God for his wisdom. Depression is so painful that made me understand that I was in the wrong path and therefore I decided to change to a better person.

Lesson 2: be smart...

Body transformation before and after

You don’t have to go into a very painful situation or crisis to change and do something for you now. Change now.

Pedro is one of five siblings, three women and two guys. They are all overweight, including mom and dad.

The doctor told them that they are overweight thanks to their genes. All the family belief it and decided to stayed overweight except for Pedro. Pedro was not buying it and he decided to go against his destiny and genes. He changed his eating habits and started to exercise. No one in the family believes that Pedro can make it happen because it is “genetic.” It took him 5 years to get to his goal and now he is in great shape. He is an athlete.

People used to belief that the earth was flat...

The school used to teach it. The government agreed. No one was open minded to take the risk and find out. Everyone was doomed to the flat theory. However, one day someone decided to die falling of the earth or discovered new land. I think you know the story.

I used to think I was slave of my manly desires. I used to think my emotions and pleasures control me until I decided to fight them. We can choose our destiny.

Lesson 3: challenge all your beliefs...

Stop believing what fools believe and do something for you.

I hear of an experiment where a group of people were asked to walk straight to the end of a large room. They pointed where they end was. As people walked, they found chairs. Many people walked around the right, others around the left, others went over them and others moved the chair. All the participants got to the end.

A second group of people were asked to walk straight in same room. As they were walking, they found the same chairs. They stopped were the chairs were and never got to the end of the room.

basketball sketch

People who knows their why, have changed and challenge their beliefs, set clear and defined goals. They get to their goal no matter what chair, obstacle, gets in their way.

When I set my clear goals and develop a plan and I take action. I have achieved many of my goals since I practice goal setting.

Lesson 4: when you have defined goals, you will get to your goal no matter how many chairs or obstacles get in the middle.

When you have figured out these 4 lessons, exercise and eating healthy will be easy and surly you will lose weight and keep it off. So is time to start your weight loss program.


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